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How To Spell or?

Correct spelling: or

Definition of or:

  1. Before.

List of misspellings for or:

  • iouoiu,
  • or4,
  • qr,
  • gr,
  • ouary,
  • yoiur,
  • 5'o,
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  • oyur,
  • uyour,
  • 5oz,
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What does the abbreviation or mean?


light, brilliance
Or as a boy's name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Or is "light, brilliance". Related to Oran. Or is often combined with other names as in Or-Chaim "light of life" and Or-Zion "light of Zion".

Related words for or

Or Gallery


Art gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia

The Or Gallery is a non-profit artist run centre based in Vancouver, Canada. The gallery is run by a paid Director/Curator and a voluntary Board of Directors. The Director/Curator of the Or is an appointed working artist who is hired for a limited time.

Or Ostvind


Israeli soccer player

Or Ostvind is an Israeli footballer who last played for Hapoel Tel Aviv.

Raymond Or



Raymond Or Ching-fai, SBS, JP is the Vice-Chairman of G-Resources Group, and the chairman of Esprit Holdings. He was the Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hang Seng Bank, from which he retired in May 2009, and was succeeded by Margaret Leung Ko May-yee.

Scary or Die


2012 film

Scary or Die is a 2012 American anthology horror film directed by Bob Badway, Michael Emanuel, and Igor Meglic. The film was released on video on demand on May 1, 2012 and on DVD on September 11, 2012.



Novel by Charles Brockden Brown

Wieland: or, The Transformation: An American Tale, usually simply called Wieland, is the first major work by Charles Brockden Brown. First published in 1798, it distinguishes the true beginning of his career as a writer. Wieland is the first – and most famous – American Gothic novel. It has often been linked to Caleb Williams by William Godwin. Godwin's influence is clear, but Brown's writing is unique in its style.

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This graph shows how "or" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for or:

  1. implore, mor, shore, pore, postwar, offshore, explore, igor, sedor, ignore, glor, outpour, dior, restore, thor, sore, scor, prewar, score, wor, flore, lahore, lenore, more, hoar, bore, flor, door, tor, fore, tore, war, lor, deplore, nor, inshore, store, four, hardcore, pour, saur, oar, floor, timor, cohr, chore, galore, dorr, snore, gore, rapport, underscore, orr, gorr, your, por, soar, dore, ohr, swore, mohr, senor, gabor, corr, coar, boar, warr, ngor, drawer, sor, glore, boer, lore, torr, cor, m4, moore, d'or, porr, spore, morr, ore, bohr, torre, laur, loar, goar, roar, nohr, livor, yore, schnorr, vore, corps, mazor, laure, outscore, core, wore;
  2. before, decor, afore, bator, c4, adore, abhor, amour, cat-4, ador, ashore;
  3. guarantor, anymore, heretofore, antiwar, livermore;

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Sau, oder.

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