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Correct spelling: orange

Definition of orange:

  1. Aurantii fructus, the fruit of the orange- tree, Citrus aurantium; see aurantium.
  2. Of the colour of an orange.
  3. The fruit of a species of citrus, of a yellow colour and juicy flavour.

Common misspellings for orange:

orage, orenge, orang, orance, organge, ornage, orangeish, arange, oragen, oranje.

Orange \o-ran-ge, or(a)-nge\

Orange as a girl's name. Name of the fruit and color.
Aranka, Irenka.
Orangetta, Orangia, Orangina.

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Examples of usage for orange:

  1. Lard the partridges, and put in the inside of each a laurel leaf, and an orange cut in pieces. –  by
  2. Will she eat a piece of orange –  by
  3. " Perhaps I can persuade her to come," said Elizabeth, going to her lunch box and returning with an orange –  by