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How To Spell orange?

Correct spelling: orange

Definition of orange:

  1. Of the colour of an orange.
  2. Aurantii fructus, the fruit of the orange-tree, Citrus aurantium; see aurantium.

List of misspellings for orange:

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 \o-ran-ge, or(a)-nge\

Orange as a girl's name. Name of the fruit and color.

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Translations for orange:

Arabic word for Orange


Chinese word for Orange


Dutch words for Orange

oranje, sinaasappel.

French word for Orange


German words for Orange

orange, orangefarben, Orangenbaum, Apfelsine.

Greek word for Orange


Hindi word for Orange


Italian word for Orange


Japanese word for Orange


Korean word for Orange


Marathi word for Orange


Norwegian word for Orange


Polish words for Orange

pomarańcza, pomarańczowy.

Portuguese word for Orange


Romanian word for Orange


Russian word for Orange


Spanish words for Orange

naranja, naranjo, anaranjado.

Swedish word for Orange


Turkish word for Orange


Ukrainian word for Orange


Vietnamese word for Orange

có màu da cam.