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How To Spell ordinary?

Correct spelling: ordinary

Definition of ordinary:

  1. Ordinarily.

List of misspellings for ordinary:

  • itineray,
  • ordinally,
  • intinarary,
  • intinary,
  • odanary,
  • iteniary,
  • ordinay,
  • routinary,
  • artillary,
  • ordainalry,
  • uninary,
  • ordinace,
  • oridinarily,
  • ordinaror,
  • vetinary,
  • orinary,
  • itinary,
  • ordinarilly,
  • ordanairy,
  • ordinatry,
  • itiniery,
  • ordanarry,
  • etraordinary,
  • intineray,
  • ordinaraly,
  • ordnary,
  • ordinry,
  • urirnary,
  • edinbourough,
  • itenaray,
  • ordinarry,
  • ordenary,
  • iteneary,
  • ordainary,
  • oridanrry,
  • ornry,
  • ordenery,
  • itineary,
  • uriniary,
  • artilary,
  • itinarary,
  • urinry,
  • ordiniary,
  • itinirery,
  • ordinaary,
  • oridanry,
  • ordelry,
  • itenrary,
  • edinborough,
  • ordianry,
  • ornary,
  • itnenary,
  • oridanary,
  • oranary,
  • itinery,
  • oridinary,
  • ordernary,
  • ordanarily,
  • iterinary,
  • odenary,
  • ordanaraly,
  • ordaniry,
  • ordnariy,
  • itinirary,
  • itenarary,
  • itinarery,
  • ordenay,
  • itinera,
  • ordanace,
  • imingary,
  • itinerray,
  • oridnary,
  • ordinalry,
  • ordinarliy,
  • ordonary,
  • urnary,
  • itinerey,
  • utinary,
  • ordany,
  • ordinaly,
  • urinanry,
  • unordanairy,
  • ordinator,
  • itenary,
  • ordianary,
  • itiniary,
  • ornory,
  • ordindary,
  • ordanry,
  • cortenary,
  • ordaniary,
  • odinary,
  • orginary,
  • ordianed,
  • itinerry,
  • orddinarily,
  • ordiary,
  • ordinare,
  • edinbrugh,
  • ordanary.

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The 5th Justice and Development Party Ordinary Congress was a party convention of the governing Turkish Justice and Development Party that took place on 12 September 2015.

Angus Buchan's Ordinary People


2012 film

Angus Buchan's Ordinary People is a 2012 South African drama film that tells the story of South African preacher Angus Buchan and the intertwining stories of three men en route to one of Buchan's Mighty Men's Conferences.

Be Ordinary


Studio album by Hwang Chi-yeul

Be Ordinary is the first EP by South Korean singer-songwriter Hwang Chi-yeul, his first studio album in 10 years, released on 13 June 2017, since his debut album Five Senses in 2007.

Ordinary Riches


Album by Company of Thieves

Ordinary Riches is the debut album from Indie rock group Company of Thieves. It was released on February 24, 2009 on Wind-Up Records, and debuted at #162 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and #5 on the Top Heatseekers chart.

The Ordinary Radicals


2008 film

The Ordinary Radicals is a 2008 documentary film directed by Philadelphia filmmaker Jamie Moffett.

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Quotes for ordinary:

  1. A murderer is regarded by the conventional world as something almost monstrous, but a murderer to himself is only an ordinary man. It is only if the murderer is a good man that he can be regarded as monstrous.
  2. As a matter of fact, an ordinary desert supports a much greater variety of plants than does either a forest or a prairie.
  3. In ordinary detective novels you never see the consequences of what happens in a story in the next book. That you do in mine.
  4. There are two things in ordinary conversation which ordinary people dislike- information and wit.
  5. That is, we are bombarded by all kinds of images and influences and we have to fend some of them off if we're to take in any of them, or to carry through just our ordinary day's work, or really deepen whatever we have to do or say.

Rhymes for ordinary:

  1. extraordinary;

Translations for ordinary:

Afrikaans word for Ordinary


Arabic word for Ordinary


Chinese words for Ordinary

普普通通, 庸, 庸庸碌碌, 凡庸.

Dutch words for Ordinary

gewoon, normaal, eenvoudig, alledaags, gebruikelijk, doorsnee.

French words for Ordinary

courant, régulier, habituel, simple, ordinaire, médiocre, commun, simples, ordinaires, quelconque, usuel.

German words for Ordinary

einfach, normal, vulgär, ordentlich, durchschnittlich, regulär, banal.

Greek word for Ordinary


Japanese words for Ordinary

普通, 経常, 日常, 世の常, ふつう, 何の変哲もない, け, 並, にちじょう, 並み大抵, じょうしきてき, 唯, 人並, へいそ, 平俗, 並並, なんのへんてつもない, 並み並み, ぼんぼん, 平々, 何の変哲も無い, めった, よのつね, 世間なみ, 尋常一様, ひとなみ, 直直, 凡々, なみなみ, 当ったり前, あったりまえ, 凡常, へいぞく, 平平, せけんなみ.

Korean word for Ordinary


Malay word for Ordinary


Norwegian words for Ordinary

vanlig, hverdagslig.

Portuguese words for Ordinary

comum, convencional, corrente, geral, comuns, rotineiro, ordinário, corriqueiro, quotidiana, convencionais, habituais, normais, costumeira, costumeiro, modesta, vulgares, rotineiros.

Russian words for Ordinary

очередной, ординарный.

Spanish words for Ordinary

corriente, regulares, habitual, ordinario, cotidiano, mediano, usual, del montón, de todos los días.

Ukrainian word for Ordinary