How To Spell ordinary?

Correct spelling: ordinary

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What is the definition of ordinary?

  1. Ordinarily.

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What are the rhymes for ordinary?

  1. extraordinary;

What are the translations for ordinary?

Afrikaans word for Ordinary


Arabic word for Ordinary


Chinese words for Ordinary

普普通通, 庸, 庸庸碌碌, 凡庸.

Dutch words for Ordinary

gewoon, normaal, eenvoudig, alledaags, gebruikelijk, doorsnee.

French words for Ordinary

courant, régulier, habituel, simple, ordinaire, médiocre, commun, simples, ordinaires, quelconque, usuel.

German words for Ordinary

einfach, normal, vulgär, ordentlich, durchschnittlich, regulär, banal.

Greek word for Ordinary


Japanese words for Ordinary

普通, 経常, 日常, 世の常, ふつう, 何の変哲もない, け, 並, にちじょう, 並み大抵, じょうしきてき, 唯, 人並, へいそ, 平俗, 並並, なんのへんてつもない, 並み並み, ぼんぼん, 平々, 何の変哲も無い, めった, よのつね, 世間なみ, 尋常一様, ひとなみ, 直直, 凡々, なみなみ, 当ったり前, あったりまえ, 凡常, へいぞく, 平平, せけんなみ.

Korean word for Ordinary


Malay word for Ordinary


Norwegian words for Ordinary

vanlig, hverdagslig.

Portuguese words for Ordinary

comum, convencional, corrente, geral, comuns, rotineiro, ordinário, corriqueiro, quotidiana, convencionais, habituais, normais, costumeira, costumeiro, modesta, vulgares, rotineiros.

Russian words for Ordinary

очередной, ординарный.

Spanish words for Ordinary

corriente, regulares, habitual, ordinario, cotidiano, mediano, usual, del montón, de todos los días.

Ukrainian word for Ordinary