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How To Spell organisation?

Correct spelling: organisation

List of misspellings for organisation:

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Related words for organisation

Beetham Organization


Real estate company

The Beetham Organisation is a privately owned property development and investment company based in Liverpool, UK. It was founded by Hugh Frost as Oastdren Investments in 1985.



Chindu is a dalit cultural resource centre located in Hyderabad in India. Chindu is part of the dappu collective. It promotes Dalit arts, culture as well as empowers dalit leadership.

European Sea Ports Organisation


The European Sea Ports Organisation or ESPO, founded in 1993, is the representative body of the port authorities, port associations and port administrations of the seaports of the member states of the European Union and of Norway.

Lawrence Anthony



Lawrence Anthony was an international conservationist, environmentalist, explorer and bestselling author. He was the long-standing head of conservation at the Thula Thula game reserve in Zululand, South Africa, and the Founder of The Earth Organization, a privately registered, independent, international conservation and environmental group with a strong scientific orientation.

Organisation de résistance de l'armée



The Organisation de résistance de l'armée, O.R.A. was a French paramilitary resistance organisation during the Second World War.

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Examples of usage for organisation:

  1. The kind of life which comedy represents must have had great attractions for a race of vigorous organisation like the Romans, after continued success and prosperity had broken down the old restraints on conduct and desire, and the accumulated wealth of the world had become the prize of their energy. – The Roman Poets of the Republic by W. Y. Sellar
  2. In regard for law and civil order, in military and political organisation in practical power of understanding, and in the command which that power gave them over the world, the Romans of the second century B. C. had made a great and permanent advance beyond the Greeks of the time of Homer. – The Roman Poets of the Republic by W. Y. Sellar
  3. If, that is, the clergy were not up to their duties, Wesley's success shows that there was a strong sense of existing moral and social evils which only required an energetic leader to form a powerful organisation – English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century by Leslie Stephen

Quotes for organisation:

  1. Organisation can never be a substitute for initiative and for judgement.
  2. The initial organisation, we called ourselves the Network Working Group, consisted of 6 to 10 people. We then quickly grew to 30 people and then to 50 people.
  3. The World Health Organisation has a lot of its medical experts sitting in Geneva while hospitals in Africa have no drugs and desperate patients are forced to seek medication on the black market.
  4. I involve myself in an organisation called Tear Fund.
  5. Zhvania was the general secretary of the organisation which I founded, the Citizens' Union. It was the biggest organisation and came first in all elections, and Zhvania was the leader.

Rhymes for organisation:

  1. remediation, misapplication, decoration, confabulation, alleviation, relocation, humiliation, colonization, exhumation, annihilation, laceration, observation, disinflation, misinformation, deviation, lubrication, justification, reauthorization, fertilization, dalmatian, collaboration, excitation, sedimentation, pressurization, consecration, impersonation, reclamation, respiration, mechanization, ejaculation, stabilization, mummification, deportation, valuation, incrustation, rejuvenation, generalization, rotation, specification, ordination, edification, perspiration, disorganization, disembarkation, propagation, extrapolation, detoxification, stagflation, emigration, menstruation, reverberation, excavation, coagulation, declaration, cremation, dislocation, ligation, annexation, desiccation, demonization, representation, temptation, recuperation, germination, civilization, deforestation, conjugation, privatisation, authentication, categorization, eradication, correlation, convocation, fragmentation, harmonization, gravitation, pronunciation, amelioration, celebration, sequestration, reconciliation, implantation, imitation, accumulation, liberation, concatenation, cohabitation, interrogation, migration, evaporation, fascination, intimidation, elevation, telecommunication, dissipation, vaporization, manifestation, visitation, speculation, summation, conversation, gyration, agitation, industrialization, proclamation, computation, reinterpretation, indication, mutilation, gradation, deceleration, reevaluation, depreciation, confirmation, overpopulation, adjudication, vocation, remuneration, certification, devaluation, fibrillation, infatuation, advocation, expropriation, enumeration, assimilation, admiration, falsification, misidentification, equivocation, infiltration, fixation, vibration, segregation, transplantation, revocation, damnation, domination, regimentation, rehabilitation, optimization, devastation, flirtation, impregnation, intensification, anticipation, orchestration, solicitation, globalization, deformation, dilation, confrontation, equalization, pacification, fluctuation, situation, suburbanization, consideration, reinvigoration, discoloration, denationalization, inactivation, communication, suffocation, appreciation, dilatation, emulation, bifurcation, rehydration, starvation, westernization, constipation, alteration, concentration, compilation, corp, predestination, translation, demoralization, relaxation, appellation, evaluation, politicization, nationalization, amortization, duration, moderation, calibration, violation, deification, disintegration, ovulation, population, derivation, dehydration, indentation, emancipation, approximation, formation, importation, perforation, illustration, explication, hesitation, transformation, adoration, evocation, dehumanization, retaliation, mediation, misinterpretation, probation, exfoliation, computerization, miscreation, utilization, crustacean, saturation, registration, disorientation, escalation, orientation, affrication, termination, substantiation, stalinization, echolocation, resignation, notification, modulation, marginalization, granulation, hospitalization, narration, donation, magnetization, appalachian, fabrication, repudiation, documentation, formulation, confiscation, foliation, consolidation, instrumentation, contemplation, trepidation, dispensation, dramatization, verification, implication, electrification, incapacitation, gratification, fortification, revaluation, codification, exoneration, gestation, cultivation, delineation, altercation, perpetuation, cooperation, occupation, graduation, affirmation, allocation, stipulation, association, jubilation, pasteurization, reconsideration, relation, monopolization, dictation, personalization, meditation, organization, indoctrination, recrimination, clarification, inhalation, amputation, navigation, regulation, dedication, inflation, criminalization, plantation, recalculation, extermination, reaffiliation, pontification, nonproliferation, invitation, recreation, equitation, privation, multiplication, congratulation, aggravation, creation, continuation, elaboration, decontamination, amplification, renunciation, malformation, subsidization, adaptation, reunification, deprivation, inspiration, quantification, restoration, revitalization, preparation, indexation, explanation, filtration, embarkation, sterilization, designation, reallocation, imagination, mobilization, commercialization, misappropriation, decapitation, motivation, liquidation, installation, renomination, demarcation, frustration, mineralization, oration, machination, exacerbation, hydrogenation, oxidation, backwardation, procrastination, misrepresentation, toleration, aviation, discontinuation, determination, palpitation, self-congratulation, neutralization, exclamation, privatization, corroboration, denomination, examination, ostentation, fumigation, retardation, gentrification, precipitation, authorization, validation, inoculation, manipulation, hibernation, desalinization, destabilization, habitation, inhabitation, qualification, sedation, incarnation, indemnification, modernization, revelation, facilitation, detonation, constellation, application, infestation, decertification, coordination, perturbation, incorporation, destination, procreation, polarization, insulation, variation, affiliation, mitigation, complication, elimination, insinuation, realization, intonation, reformation, reincarnation, miscalculation, segmentation, aspiration, ventilation, demonstration, dissertation, transillumination, securitization, punctuation, investigation, illumination, recantation, molestation, evacuation, obligation, condemnation, standardization, interpretation, ossification, implementation, rededication, experimentation, litigation, reiteration, confederation, fermentation, conglomeration, agglomeration, diversification, regeneration, reorganization, invalidation, consultation, triangulation, dissociation, animation, nomination, corporation, combination, recommendation, reexamination, cogitation, exploitation, democratization, ovation, coloration, russification, reflation, visualization, depravation, characterization, levitation, preservation, publication, operation, simplification, exhilaration, defamation, denunciation, contamination, fluoridation, proration, conservation, obfuscation, commemoration, immunization, presentation, decentralization, taxation, nucleation, augmentation, condensation, connotation, reconfirmation, subordination, configuration, reforestation, information, transportation, intimation, affectation, prognostication, isolation, emanation, location, sophistication, maximization, vegetation, intoxication, ramification, excommunication, recitation, innovation, inclination, flotation, sanitation, nondiscrimination, allegation, articulation, refutation, automation, classification, disinclination, initiation, prefabrication, reparation, depredation, notation, desolation, desecration, divination, legislation, redecoration, simulation, hydration, specialization, overvaluation, desalination, refrigeration, avocation, deliberation, demodulation, repatriation, expiration, reaffirmation, inauguration, indignation, replication, desperation, rectification, proliferation, rumination, croatian, foundation, vindication, invocation, vulgarization, usurpation, radiation, congregation, ratification, purification, disqualification, recertification, consolation, limitation, renegotiation, exhalation, prostration, stagnation, discrimination, annotation, ionization, cancellation, sensation, culmination, pollination, estimation, imputation, pagination, education, inundation, legalization, consummation, socialization, undervaluation, reclassification, expatriation, liberalization, commendation, coronation, preoccupation, domestication, depopulation, miscommunication, sanctification, miseration, ornamentation, distillation, titillation, incrimination, identification, rationalization, appropriation, provocation, capitulation, conciliation, irradiation, oscillation, quotation, compensation, christianization, personification, urbanization, reservation, incarceration, origination, approbation, exaggeration, medication, dissemination, argumentation, resuscitation, figuration, negotiation, permutation, amalgamation, tribulation, horatian, popularization, exasperation, vilification, duplication, gasification, vacation, lactation, gastrulation, centralization, mutation, negation, insubordination, strangulation, deregulation, incoordination, glaciation, vacillation, exploration, protestation, disinformation, balkanization, unification, pigmentation, unionization, stimulation, salvation, saponification, tabulation, normalization, syndication, federation, miniaturization, maturation, premeditation, masturbation, improvisation, alienation, nullification, adulation, deflation, differentiation, incubation, degradation, hyperinflation, desegregation, reconfiguration, incantation, instigation, elation, vaccination, immigration, subluxation, arbitration, expectation, demobilization, generation, calculation, conflagration, libration, glorification, sarmatian, naturalization, ministration, magnification, renovation, exhortation, inflammation, modification, consternation, insemination, localization, nitration, irritation, optation, reputation, irrigation, separation, delegation, hallucination, victimization, elongation, profanation, disputation, communization, degeneration, assassination, integration, collectivization, hybridization, participation;
  2. ration, nation, station, haitian;
  3. cetacean, alsatian, castration, cessation, carnation, citation, causation;
  4. activation, abrogation, abdication, acclimation, aberration, accusation;
  5. accommodation, acceleration, accreditation, abomination, abbreviation;
  6. capitalization, alphabetization, cannibalization, acidification;
  7. demilitarization, decriminalization, antidiscrimination, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for organisation:

Afrikaans word for Organisation


Arabic word for Organisation


Bengali word for Organisation


Dutch words for Organisation

instantie, organisatie, bedrijf, onderneming, instelling.

German words for Organisation

Einrichtung, Unternehmen, Organisation, Ordnung, Verband, Organisierung.

Greek word for Organisation


Italian word for Organisation


Malay word for Organisation


Norwegian word for Organisation


Polish words for Organisation

struktura, organizacja, instytucja.

Romanian word for Organisation


Spanish words for Organisation

empresa, estructura, organismo, entidad.

Tamil word for Organisation


Turkish word for Organisation


Ukrainian word for Organisation