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How To Spell ossification?

Correct spelling: ossification

Definition of ossification:

  1. 1. The formation of bone. 2. A change into bone.
  2. Arteriostosis.

List of misspellings for ossification:

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Examples of usage for ossification:

  1. He was proud of this kind of moral ossification which was gradually paralyzing all his really noble qualities. – Erlach Court by Ossip Schubin

Rhymes for ossification:

  1. distillation, elevation, cooperation, sedimentation, conflagration, degradation, expropriation, quotation, improvisation, renomination, ligation, concatenation, demobilization, urbanization, communization, fermentation, monopolization, confabulation, agitation, commercialization, irradiation, dissociation, exclamation, magnetization, remediation, decentralization, exhalation, proration, dedication, ovation, duration, facilitation, pronunciation, socialization, granulation, consultation, divination, transportation, fascination, refrigeration, combination, reverberation, insubordination, intonation, incarnation, valuation, dehydration, coronation, echolocation, popularization, oration, coloration, civilization, computerization, manipulation, navigation, permutation, clarification, confirmation, stalinization, conversation, demonstration, nomination, accumulation, destabilization, demonization, consolation, privatisation, replication, manifestation, amputation, demarcation, 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Translations for ossification:

Afrikaans word for Ossification


Arabic word for Ossification


Bengali word for Ossification


French word for Ossification


German word for Ossification


Hindi word for Ossification

हड्डी बन जाना.

Italian word for Ossification


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Swedish word for Ossification


Tamil word for Ossification

எலும்பாகிப் போன.

Turkish word for Ossification


Ukrainian word for Ossification


Vietnamese word for Ossification

sự hóa thành xương.