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How To Spell Ot?

Correct spelling: Ot

List of misspellings for Ot:

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  • youto,
  • ordet,
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What does the abbreviation Ot mean?


Ot as a boy's name is a variant of Otto (Old German), and the meaning of Ot is "wealth".

Related words for Ot

Hora ot naroda


Album by Hipodil

Hora ot naroda is the fifth and final album by Bulgarian rock band Hipodil. Released on 4 December 2000, the album had guest vocalists because Svetoslav Vitkov moved to the US as a gastarbeiter, so they recruited vocalists for some tracks from other Bulgarian rock bands.

O. T. Fagbenle


British actor

Olatunde Olateju Olaolorun "O. T." Fagbenle, also referred to as O-T and O.T, is a British actor, writer and director. He has appeared in several films, stage and television productions.

Ot de Montcada



Ot de Montcada was an early Catalan troubadour with no surviving work. Ot's work is known only from a reference in a sirventes of Guillem of Berguedan around 1175. By then he was considered old and out-dated.

Ot en Sien


Ot en Sien is a Dutch children's book series, written by Hindericus Scheepstra, a teacher in Drenthe, the Netherlands. It centers around two little children, a boy named Ot and a girl named Sien.

Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway


The Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway was a United States-based railroad incorporated in 1905. It was a joint venture by the Great Northern Railway and the Northern Pacific Railway to build a railroad along the north bank of the Columbia River.

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This graph shows how "Ot" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for Ot:

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  2. albee, achee, alee, ac, distraught, adee, abee, begot, agree, rethought;
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  4. irit, knbc, interviewee, hnat, geac, lapd;
  5. awb;

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வேண்டியது OT.