How To Spell Our?

Correct spelling: Our

What is the definition of Our?

  1. Of or pertaining to us; belonging to us; as, our country; our rights; our troops; our endeavors. See I.

What does the abbreviation Our mean?

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What are the usage examples for Our?

  1. " You're our first little boy, you know. – My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett
  2. He don't even know our name; an' to come it like this over us! – The Fourth Series Plays, Complete by John Galsworthy
  3. " Our Lord so died," said Mount, slowly. – Cardigan by Robert W. Chambers

What are the rhymes for Our?

  1. jar, gaar, czar, r, star, darr, barr, tar, parr, carr, scar, voir, phar, marr, char, klar, csar, haar, farr, bar, bour, dower, mar, jour, paar, dar, baar, clar, tarr, bahr, ahr, saar, mawr, sar, are, tsar, par, barre, lar, karr, ar, thar, starr, far, lour, gar, spahr, spar, scharr, car, fahr, wor, mahr;
  2. bondar, hour, adar, bauer, lamar, tower, godar, navar, victoire, jaffar, tesar, bower, renoir, jabar, farquar, azar, amar, sagar, shower, bizarre, disbar, hamar, scour, cower, lamarr, carre, jamar, bazar, myanmar, guitar, kumar, dour, kadar, brower, gower, demar, ajar, flower, ceasar, jabbar, qatar, flour, cigar, bazaar, azhar, paccar, plower, gregoire, algar, sour, navarre, dinar, dakar, boyar, lauer, glower, afar, lemar, power, transtar, farrar, vower;
  3. baltazar, valdemar, npr, superstar, aer, devour, empower, baldemar;
  4. overpower, mph, superpower, qasr, emdr;

What are the translations for Our?

Afrikaans word for Our


Arabic word for Our


French words for Our

nos, onze, notre.

German words for Our

unsere, unser, Kita.

Greek word for Our

δικός μας.

Hindi word for Our


Italian word for Our


Korean word for Our


Malay word for Our


Marathi word for Our


Norwegian word for Our


Polish word for Our


Portuguese word for Our


Romanian word for Our


Spanish words for Our

nuestro, nuestra, nuestros, nuestras.

Swedish word for Our


Tamil word for Our


Turkish word for Our


Vietnamese word for Our

của chúng tôi.