How To Spell outside?

Correct spelling: outside

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What is the definition of outside?

  1. Without.

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What are the translations for outside?

Afrikaans word for Outside


Arabic word for Outside


Bengali word for Outside


Dutch words for Outside

buiten, buitenkant, daarbuiten, buitenzijde, aan de buitenkant.

French words for Outside

dehors, en dehors de, face extérieure, à l'extérieur de.

German words for Outside

extern, im Freien, Außenseite, außen, Außen-.

Hindi word for Outside


Italian word for Outside


Japanese words for Outside

外, 外側, 外面, アウトサイド, そと, 外的, がいてき, アウトゥサイド, そとがわ, げめん, うわべ, おんも, そとづら, がいめん, がいそく, 上べ.

Javanese word for Outside


Norwegian word for Outside


Portuguese words for Outside

fora de, de fora, parte externa.

Spanish words for Outside

fuera, exterior, externo, afuera, al margen, fuera de, parte exterior, remoto, del exterior, no perteneciente, lado externo.

Swedish word for Outside