How To Spell overall?

Correct spelling: overall

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This graph shows how "overall" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for overall?

  1. In 1935, for example, it had the second highest overall average in Virginia and included four of the state's five most productive herds. – Frying Pan Farm by Elizabeth Brown Pryor

What are the translations for overall?

Afrikaans word for Overall


Arabic word for Overall


Bengali word for Overall


Chinese words for Overall

全面, 总, 总的, 工作服, 全盘, 通盘.

Dutch words for Overall

totaal, geheel, globaal, algemeen, volledig, compleet, algeheel, overkoepelend.

French words for Overall

général, globalement.

German words for Overall

allgemein, gesamt, insgesamt, Schutzanzug, global, übergreifend, gesamtheitlich, allumfassend, Kittelschürze, Arbeitskittel, integral.

Italian words for Overall

generalmente, globale, complessivo, complessivamente.

Japanese words for Overall

全体的, 総括的, オーバーオール, ぜんたいとして, ぜんたいてき, そうかつてき, サロペット.

Malay word for Overall


Marathi word for Overall


Norwegian word for Overall


Polish word for Overall


Romanian word for Overall

per ansamblu.

Russian words for Overall

всеобъемлющий, суммарный, габаритный.

Spanish words for Overall

completo, entero, generalizado, generales, globales, globalmente.

Swedish word for Overall

totalt sett.

Ukrainian word for Overall