How To Spell overhear?

Correct spelling: overhear

What is the definition of overhear?

  1. To hear by accident; to hear what is meant for another.

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What are the usage examples for overhear?

  1. They had never paid much attention to him; but now even Val felt a vague uneasiness lest he overhear – Lonesome Land by B. M. Bower
  2. To- night dinner and conversation both hang fire at our end of the table, and I overhear from the other end where my cousin sits interesting scraps about India, which is distinctly annoying; R. is relating some of his experiences there that set his neighbours and my niece and Mrs Deputy- Commissioner all chuckling. – From Edinburgh to India & Burmah by William G. Burn Murdoch
  3. She rented a small cottage, and Mr. Wopsle had the room upstairs, where we students used to overhear him reading aloud in a most dignified and terrific manner, and occasionally bumping on the ceiling. – Dickens As an Educator by James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes

What are the rhymes for overhear?

  1. steer, hear, blear, veer, shere, year, geer, vere, sneer, near, clear, tear, spear, cleere, sere, gear, sphere, fleer, greer, mir, sear, here, neer, deere, leer, speir, cyr, nir, rear, pier, kier, sheer, smear, frere, wier, fier, ear, cheer, dear, speer, mear, jeer, deer, kear, we're, fear, beer, bere, gere, peer, stear, teer, gier, meir, lear, shear, mere;
  2. unclear, veneer, career, frontier, lanier, premier, revere, cashier, rehear, severe, emir, inhere, wazir, adhere, dornier, shamir, appear, vizier, samir, amir, rainier, austere, premiere, sameer, sincere, zahir, zaire, yasir, lazear;
  3. insincere, domineer, engineer, interfere, financier, pioneer, charpentier, commandeer, gondolier, pamphleteer, mutineer, cavalier, chandelier, bombardier, chevalier, racketeer, belvedere, rensselaer, persevere, volunteer, disappear, brigadier, profiteer, reappear, bandolier, auctioneer, souvenir;
  4. electioneer, reengineer, conventioneer;

What are the translations for overhear?

Afrikaans word for Overhear


Arabic word for Overhear


Chinese word for Overhear


French word for Overhear


German word for Overhear

mit anhören.

Greek word for Overhear


Hindi word for Overhear

सुन पाना.

Italian word for Overhear

sentire per caso.

Japanese word for Overhear


Javanese word for Overhear


Korean word for Overhear

우연히 듣다.

Malay word for Overhear

Mendengar suara.

Polish word for Overhear


Portuguese word for Overhear

ouvir por acaso.

Romanian word for Overhear


Russian word for Overhear


Spanish word for Overhear

oír por casualidad.

Swedish word for Overhear


Tamil word for Overhear


Turkish word for Overhear

kulak misafiri olmak.

Ukrainian word for Overhear


Vietnamese word for Overhear

chợt nghe.