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How To Spell oversea?

Correct spelling: oversea

Definition of oversea:

  1. Beyond the sea; foreign.

List of misspellings for oversea:

  • oversome,
  • oviuse,
  • overstear,
  • opersa,
  • everseen,
  • overviw,
  • oviossley,
  • overie,
  • obveuse,
  • ocersea,
  • overa,
  • oviose,
  • ovearseas,
  • oversas,
  • oerseas,
  • ofers,
  • ovserve,
  • overveiws,
  • uiversal,
  • ofcorse,
  • lversea,
  • overseaing,
  • offersthe,
  • overseaes,
  • overses,
  • overseeer,
  • oveisely,
  • 9versea,
  • offersfor,
  • oveosly,
  • oversisee,
  • overseek,
  • overseerer,
  • viverse,
  • oveus,
  • oversease,
  • ofcoarse,
  • overies,
  • oversess,
  • oviesly,
  • evercise,
  • obersee,
  • oversears,
  • overthe,
  • coverse,
  • oveseas,
  • oversear,
  • oversied,
  • overse,
  • oveerseas,
  • overe,
  • aversery,
  • overseee,
  • overserve,
  • avaergae,
  • oversued,
  • overseing,
  • offerse,
  • overiew,
  • overseed,
  • oversiz,
  • kversea,
  • 0versea,
  • uiverse,
  • oevre,
  • everset,
  • everse,
  • ovesea,
  • oversaes,
  • ovresee,
  • ovouse,
  • ovesly,
  • overzied,
  • aveargae,
  • oveous,
  • obveouse,
  • ovesley,
  • overwiew,
  • avergea,
  • pversea,
  • overeas,
  • overvew,
  • oviouse,
  • oveseen,
  • ovserver,
  • uverse,
  • pversee,
  • oversigh,
  • offersa,
  • iversea,
  • ovvurs,
  • overver,
  • avergae,
  • eversy,
  • ovcourse,
  • overesee,
  • oveusly,
  • overwise,
  • ovvice,
  • everso.

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Quotes for oversea:

  1. It was both necessary and desirable for us to be so strong at sea that no Sea Power could attack us without risk, so that we might be free to protect our oversea interests, independently of the influence and the choice of other Sea Powers.

Rhymes for oversea:

  1. andree, yie, dee, quai, ze, nabil, escapee, sie, magee, ddt, mpg, blea, lea, xie, debris, inductee, tennessee, foresee, chee, emcee, indri, me, atp, shri, glee, nghi, apc, markee, the, guarantee, bt, klee, louie, rosalee, hee, se, flea, njt, leigh, rosemarie, mit, p, kee, spie, sze, potpourri, lp, capri, chablis, zee, ranee, tree, lxi, bui, ee, te, syp, musee, mcghee, jie, cie, bee, t, thierry, disagree, ti, guarani, mea, key, c, mee, pri, crea, ji, waikiki, enrollee, repartee, gee, she, decree, c3, sea, mt, wee, mcgee, lee, pattee, be, free, deportee, marquee, see, g, oad, jee, vee, fop, tv, fi, dupree, vi, esprit, qui, flee, spree, brea, vendee, rb, ged, brie, cat-3, je, sep, yee, three, cyb, nestle, tenn, tyree, sheree, v, jaycee, dsv, gyi, tse, zea, ski, cxc, ve, ab, quay, resignee, odp, gutsy, knee, enlistee, banshee, lsd, slee, loree, henri, valoree, cac, plea, conferee, ki, rea, kyi, fsi, nee, sci, pree, yippee, pea, retiree, thi, dea, lavie, internee, d, ye, sightsee, shi, ghee, guaranty, snee, tea, yi, jessee, marquis, devotee, detainee, cc, honoree, ree, draftee, franchisee, ofc, mc, chea, jubilee, prix, fee, degree, yangtze, kea, ravi, bibi, ne, trustee, licensee, whoopee, smee, id, bea, z, cree, rupee, lessee, eap, m3, curie, appointee, qi, ib, nie, cd, bourgeoisie, designee, ot, b, mi, trainee, undersea, parolee, de, goatee, tee, re, bbc, he, sri, khe, marie, nominee, we, pawnee, dundee, si, nic, ip, mme, bree, cod, xi, li, referee, thee;
  2. abee, albee, adee, achee, ac, alee, agree;
  3. adoree, adoptee, abt, amc, absentee, amputee, addressee;
  4. geac, irit, lapd, interviewee, knbc, hnat;
  5. awb;

Translations for oversea:

Afrikaans word for Oversea


Arabic word for Oversea

من الخارج.

Bengali word for Oversea


French word for Oversea


German word for Oversea


Hindi word for Oversea


Italian word for Oversea


Japanese word for Oversea


Malay word for Oversea

Luar negara.

Marathi word for Oversea


Norwegian word for Oversea


Polish word for Oversea


Portuguese word for Oversea


Romanian word for Oversea

de dincolo de ocean.

Russian word for Oversea


Spanish word for Oversea


Turkish word for Oversea


Ukrainian word for Oversea