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How To Spell overstay?

Correct spelling: overstay

Definition of overstay:

  1. [=o]-v[.e]r-st[=a]', v.t. to stay too long.

List of misspellings for overstay:

  • anniversaty,
  • inoversity,
  • oveisely,
  • oversigh,
  • overwtay,
  • oversteet,
  • eevryday,
  • overxtay,
  • uiversity,
  • pverstay,
  • ogerstay,
  • everst,
  • eveyday,
  • unversty,
  • 0verstay,
  • everydaay,
  • overseed,
  • oversyay,
  • offersthe,
  • unvirsty,
  • ov3rstay,
  • aversery,
  • ovefstay,
  • oberstay,
  • oferstay,
  • oveestay,
  • ove4stay,
  • everset,
  • ocerstay,
  • everiday,
  • unoversity,
  • oiverstay,
  • oversta6,
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  • diversaty,
  • ovesea,
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  • adderstar,
  • overlty,
  • evrday,
  • oversas,
  • evreyday,
  • umiversity.

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Quotes for overstay:

  1. I'd seen people overstay their welcome and I didn't want that to happen at all.

Rhymes for overstay:

  1. play, saye, re, way, ney, jay, flay, mei, hay, tray, maye, sleigh, raye, drey, clay, nej, cray, weigh, paye, day, spray, shea, bey, ray, wray, vey, lait, may, brae, jaye, pei, dey, lei, whey, gaye, rey, gray, stray, wey, de, hwe, frey, hey, cay, wy, fray, kaye, ley, che, waye, blay, graye, klay, j, pay, ay, daye, stay, they, sta, say, rae, yay, ca, quai, jae, tae, mae, quay, trey, shay, sze, bray, fay, dae, ne, se, tay, yea, fe, sway, fey, haye, ae, prey, khe, mey, brey, wei, faye, gway, grey, slay, kay, bay, neigh, nay, k, pray, lay, dray;
  2. display, asay, valet, belay, hervey, levey, halfway, nikkei, croquet, bombay, delay, cache, abbe, purvey, buffet, oj, today, risque, mccrea, renee, da, dossier, ha, passe, dismay, moray, array, filet, bouquet, beret, parquet, calais, puree, mcveigh, toupee, macrae, delray, essay, away, mackay, gervais, soiree, hooray, chalet, o'shea, portray, manet, astray, ole, dk, olay, saute, defray, jose, hurray, ga, mckay, rene, crochet, obey, beauvais, orsay, ek, sorbet, sergei, carre, betray, cathay, okay, millay, repay, allay, nisei, fillet, convey, replay, ballet, prepay, decay, souffle, cafe, monet, b-j, survey, cliche;
  3. cabaret, bta, cabernet, disarray, disobey, jna, fiance, piaget, perrier, attache, overplay, ekk, monterrey, uva, lyonnais, faberge, underway, underplay, ita, monterey, bua, intraday, bouvier, aaa, ira, cea, dak, chevrolet;
  4. cabriolet, asea, noaa, foia, communique, ceta, naivete, hiaa;
  5. waga;

Translations for overstay:

Afrikaans word for Overstay

te lank.

Arabic word for Overstay

تجاوز مدة الإقامة.

Bengali word for Overstay

সময় পেরিয়ে যাবার পরও.

Chinese word for Overstay


Greek word for Overstay

παρατείνουν την παραμονή τους.

Hindi word for Overstay


Italian word for Overstay

trattenersi oltre.

Japanese word for Overstay


Korean word for Overstay

장기 체류.

Malay word for Overstay

Tinggal jauh.

Marathi word for Overstay

दीर्घकाळ टिकून राहणे.

Polish word for Overstay

przedłużonych pobytów.

Romanian word for Overstay

rămâne mai mult decât.

Russian word for Overstay


Spanish word for Overstay


Swedish word for Overstay


Tamil word for Overstay

மீறித் தங்கு.

Turkish word for Overstay

gereğinden fazla kalmak.

Ukrainian word for Overstay


Vietnamese word for Overstay

ở lại lâu.