How To Spell pace?

Correct spelling: pace

What does the abbreviation pace mean?


Pace as a boy's name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Pace is "passover". The name has connotations of speed and efficiency.
  • Payce,
  • Paice.

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What are the rhymes for pace?

  1. encase, space, trace, thrace, chace, caisse, glace, mace, misplace, grace, place, nace, race, base, cayce, vase, heyse, brace, face, wace, bass, embrace, replace, lambastes, case, erase, lace, chase, retrace, incase, ace, dace;
  2. debase, abase, deface, displace, disgrace, efface, apace;
  3. interlace;

What are the translations for pace?

Arabic word for Pace


Dutch words for Pace

snelheid, vaart, ijsberen, tred, schrede.

French words for Pace

rythme, cadence, vitesse, allure, faire les cent pas, avancé, pas, train.

German words for Pace

nach, Ton, Takt, Gang, Schritt, schreiten, Geschwindigkeit, Schnelligkeit, Gangart, für Schrittmacher sein, durchschreiten, im Passgang gehen, Progression.

Greek word for Pace


Italian word for Pace


Japanese words for Pace

ペース, 足並み, 緩急, 足元, 足もと, かんきゅう.

Javanese word for Pace


Malay words for Pace

Tempo, Laju.

Polish word for Pace


Portuguese words for Pace

passada, velocidade, andamento, cadência.

Romanian word for Pace


Spanish words for Pace

ritmo, pauta, paso, marcha, pasear, velocidad, rapidez, caminar por, cadencia, andadura, celeridad, regular el ritmo de, marcar el ritmo de.

Swedish word for Pace


Turkish word for Pace