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Correct spelling: pace

Definition of pace:

  1. The space between the two feet in stepping, or 2 1/ 2 feet; a lineal measure, usually reckoned at thirty inches from heel to heel; manner of walking or stepping; gait; degree of celerity.
  2. To measure by steps; to regulate in motion.
  3. To go; to walk; to move; to move slowly; to amble.

Common misspellings for pace:


Pace \p(a)-ce\

Pace as a boy's name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Pace is "passover". The name has connotations of speed and efficiency.
Boyce, Paz, Baz, Bazz, Boase, Pius.
Payce, Paice.

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Examples of usage for pace:

  1. Although they were moving as fast as it was possible it seemed but a snail's pace to Elizabeth. –  by
  2. But she continued to pace by the side of Michel Pensonneau. –  by
  3. I was a woman, but neither my happiness nor my self- confidence had kept pace with my growth. –  by

Rhymes for pace:

  1. ace, base, bass, brace, case, chase, dace, embrace, encase, erase, face, glace, grace, heyse, lace, mace, misplace, place, race, replace, retrace, space, thrace, trace, vase, chace, incase, cayce, lambastes, wace, nace, caisse;
  2. abase, apace, debase, deface, disgrace, displace, efface;
  3. interlace;