How To Spell paint?

Correct spelling: paint

What does the abbreviation paint mean?

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What are the rhymes for paint?

  1. taint, faint, st, saint, feint, quaint, ain't;
  2. acquaint, constraint, repaint, restraint, complaint;

What are the translations for paint?

Arabic word for Paint


Chinese words for Paint

喷漆, 漆, 画画, 刷, 设色, 涂抹, 油漆, 作画, 漆料, 着色, 涂料.

Dutch words for Paint

verf, beschilderen, verven, afschilderen, beschrijven, kleuren, schilderen, portretteren, lak, kleurstof, maling.

French words for Paint

couleur, peinture, peindre, laqué, repeindre, cat.

German words for Paint

streichen, malen, lackieren, Anstrich, Lack, bemalen, anstreichen, Farbe, Lackierung, Tinte, anmalen, ausmalen, Farbanstrich, Anstrichfarbe, bepinseln, pinseln.

Greek word for Paint


Italian word for Paint


Japanese words for Paint

ペイント, ペンキ, 色を塗る, パンドル, いろをぬる, ぬる.

Korean word for Paint


Polish word for Paint


Portuguese words for Paint

tingir, pigmento, colorar, colorir, pintalgar, colorear, colorizar.

Romanian word for Paint


Russian words for Paint

краска, красить, расписать, раскрашивать, покраска, изобразить, описать, покрасить, нарисовать, покрыть краской, раскрасить, расписывать, накрасить, накрашивать, покрывать краской.

Spanish words for Paint

describir, matizar, colorante, pintura, pintar, tinta, pintarse, boya.

Tamil word for Paint