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Correct spelling: pan


Definition of pan:

  1. A part; a portion.
  2. A prefix to words derived from Greek roots, implying all, entire.
  3. A broad, shallow vessel; the part of a firearm which holds the priming.
  4. The old forest and shepherd god of the Arcadian mountains, half man, half goat, and fond of music.

Pan \pan\

Pan as a boy's name.
Pen, Ban, Pain.

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Examples of usage for pan:

  1. Put the fruit and sugar into your pan, let the sugar melt, then boil quickly for twenty to thirty minutes.
  2. The fire’ s not much of a relief from the frying pan.
  3. Drain them, and put them into a stew- pan with some butter.

Quotes for pan:

  1. It is up to African leaders to show their will and political courage in order to assure that this new pan -African institution becomes an efficient instrument and not a place for endless discussions. - Omar Bongo
  2. I heard my name associated with the Peter Pan syndrome more than once. But really, what's so wrong with Peter Pan? Peter Pan flies. He is a metaphor for dreams and faith. - Mark Burnett
  3. Into this pour the purified juice: and put it into a pan of water come almost to a boil and continue nearly in the state of boiling until the juice is found to be the consistency of a thick syrup when cold. It is then when cold, to be corked up in a bottle for use. - James Lind
  4. There's not one Tin Pan Alley song on my record. - Branford Marsalis
  5. I was like any new bride, who said, 'I'm going to cook for my man.' In fact, once I started a small kitchen fire in a pan. Smoke was pouring from the pan, and I got really scared. Right next to our stove is a small fire extinguisher. You know, easy access. - Catherine Zeta-Jones

Rhymes for pan:

  1. ahn, an, ann, anne, ban, blan, bran, brann, caen, cahn, can, cann, cannes, chan, clan, dan, dann, duan, fan, flan, flann, fran, gan, gann, gran, han, jaan, jan, jann, kan, klan, lan, lann, mahn, man, mann, nan, phan, plan, pran, ran, rann, san, scan, shan, span, spokane, stan, tan, tann, than, thanh, tran, van, vann, whan, yan.
  2. ariane, gloriane, harmattan, kazakhstan, kellyanne, liliane, marianne, maryann, maryanne, mcmahon, minivan, overran, soloman.
  3. beagan, beavan, began, bhutan, cezanne, chapin, chauvin, cheyenne, cspan, cyan, diahann, diane, dianne, divan, doran, duran, dyan, dyane, gauvain, georgann, iran, japan, joann, joanne, jourdan, lausanne, leann, liane, lianne, louanne, macmahon, mccann, moran, outman, pecan, rattan, rodin, rosanne, roseanne, roxanne, ruthann, saran, sedan, sudan, susann, susanne, suzanne, toussaint.
  4. catamaran.

Idioms for pan:

  1. pan across to
  2. jump out of the frying pan ( and) into the fire
  3. pan across to sm or sth
  4. flash in the pan
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