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How To Spell parade?

Correct spelling: parade

Definition of parade:

  1. walk ostentatiously; "She parades her new husband around town"

List of misspellings for parade:

  • larado,
  • paradis,
  • prder,
  • parage,
  • uprade,
  • paraure,
  • mirade,
  • proder,
  • parature,
  • perday,
  • perate,
  • parralle,
  • aproate,
  • prsuade,
  • paragah,
  • parase,
  • parrapet,
  • paracite,
  • piarate,
  • prade,
  • praude,
  • pgrade,
  • parrale,
  • paradyme,
  • prusade,
  • praud,
  • paratice,
  • papared,
  • paradse,
  • paridice,
  • pairie,
  • aporiate,
  • parads,
  • payrate,
  • paradice,
  • parada,
  • corparate,
  • paridim,
  • eparate,
  • jarad,
  • paraed,
  • proad,
  • graade,
  • paraelle,
  • paraody,
  • parrade,
  • oparate,
  • parie,
  • paride,
  • paraghrah,
  • paradym,
  • apreiate,
  • parakete,
  • pirode,
  • parpared,
  • peride,
  • pursade,
  • oprder,
  • paraell,
  • parpaet,
  • paragh,
  • paraides,
  • prode,
  • sharade,
  • paragard,
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  • peraide,
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  • jeoprady,
  • varadi,
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  • chrade,
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  • parat,
  • poweraide,
  • parallet,
  • paraoh,
  • maurader,
  • paradign,
  • praylude,
  • wprld,
  • apriate,
  • jeporady,
  • peraded,
  • coparate,
  • parale,
  • pareade,
  • parkard,
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  • parasute,
  • saparate,
  • paranod,
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  • parmater,
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  • prader,
  • praph.

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Christ on Parade



Christ on Parade was a mid-late 1980s San Francisco East Bay political hardcore punk band, formed in 1985 by ex-members of Teenage Warning and peace punks Treason. Their debut, "Sounds of Nature" was issued on Pusmort Records.

Parade Stadium



Parade Stadium is a former football stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was Minneapolis's first public football stadium. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board built the 16,560-seat stadium at The Parade, a park just west of downtown, in 1951.

Parade Tour


Concert tour

The Parade Tour was a concert tour in support of Prince and The Revolution's eighth studio album Parade and his 1986 film Under the Cherry Moon.

Punte Parade


2014 film

Punte Parade is a 2014 Nepali film which was released on September 19, 2014.

Zoo Parade


Television program

Zoo Parade is an American television program broadcast from 1950 to 1957 that featured animals from the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. The program's host was Marlin Perkins, the Zoo's director. Perkins went on to host the program Wild Kingdom.

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Translations for parade:

Arabic word for Parade


Bengali word for Parade


Dutch words for Parade

optocht, stoet, defilé.

French words for Parade

mars, défilé, parader, procession.

German words for Parade

Revue, Parade, stolzieren, Aufmarsch, Show, Umzug, Aufzug, Festzug, Festumzug, Exerzierplatz, Paradeplatz, Defilee, Korso, vorbeimarschieren, aufmarschieren, zur Parade aufziehen, vorbeimarschieren lassen, paradieren.

Greek word for Parade


Hindi word for Parade


Italian words for Parade

corso, sfilata.

Japanese words for Parade

パレード, 行進, 練り歩く, えっぺい, 閲兵, 斉列, ねりあるく, 練歩く.

Malay words for Parade

Arakan, Perbarisan.

Marathi word for Parade


Norwegian word for Parade


Romanian word for Parade


Spanish words for Parade

parada, cabalgata, paseo, pasear, lucir, desfile, desfilar, procesión, cortejos, pasacalles, hacer desfilar, alardear de.

Swedish word for Parade


Ukrainian word for Parade