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How To Spell parole?

Correct spelling: parole

List of misspellings for parole:

  • proble,
  • payrole,
  • proply,
  • partrol,
  • patol,
  • proboley,
  • areolae,
  • proles,
  • purble,
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Charlie on Parole


2009 film

Charlie on Parole is a short film starring T.J. Miller, Joe Wengert, Molly Ryman, and Bobby Moynihan. It is about Charlie, an unlikely ex-con who readjusts to life after prison, only to find one thing: it's tough on the outside.

L'insulto delle parole


Album by Susanna Parigi

L'insulto delle parole is the fourth album released by the Italian singer Susanna Parigi. It was published in 2009 by Promo Music. The album sees the participation of the quartet of arches Arkè String Quartet.

No Parole from Rock 'n' Roll



No Parole from Rock 'n' Roll was the first album by the American heavy metal band Alcatrazz led by veteran singer Graham Bonnet, released in 1983. It spent seven weeks on the Billboard 200 albums chart, peaking at No. 128.

Prima la musica e poi le parole


Opera by Antonio Salieri

Prima la musica e poi le parole, also called Prima la musica, poi le parole is an opera in one act by Antonio Salieri to a libretto by Giovanni Battista Casti.

Youth on Parole


1937 film

Youth on Parole is a 1937 American drama film directed by Phil Rosen.

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Rhymes for parole:

  1. buol, troll, rol, dole, kole, sole, scroll, dhole, sowle, roehl, role, cole, toll, tole, noell, boll, pole, foal, seoul, noll, droll, nole, roll, knoll, mole, whole, ohl, goal, wohl, sohl, poll, soul, hole, kol, coal, rolle, shoal, skoal, nohl, bowl, pohl, stol, thole, kohl, bole, stroll, colle, stole, sol;
  2. extol, console, patrol, ecole, nicole, pistole, enroll, unroll, control, ole, cajole, viole, nicolle;
  3. decontrol, self-control;

Translations for parole:

Arabic word for Parole

إطْلَاقُ سَرَاحٍ مَشْرُوطٍ.

Dutch words for Parole

voorwaardelijke vrijlating, erewoord, parool, parooltijd.

French word for Parole

liberté conditionnelle.

German word for Parole


Greek word for Parole

αποφυλάκιση υπό όρους.

Hindi word for Parole


Italian words for Parole

libertà vigilata, libertà provvisoria, libertà condizionale.

Japanese word for Parole


Marathi word for Parole


Norwegian word for Parole


Romanian word for Parole

eliberare condiționată.

Russian words for Parole

пароль, досрочное освобождение, условно-досрочное освобождение, срок условного заключения.

Spanish words for Parole

palabra de honor, parol.

Turkish word for Parole

şartlı tahliye.