How To Spell parole?

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What are the rhymes for parole?

  1. buol, troll, rol, dole, kole, sole, scroll, dhole, sowle, roehl, role, cole, toll, tole, noell, boll, pole, foal, seoul, noll, droll, nole, roll, knoll, mole, whole, ohl, goal, wohl, sohl, poll, soul, hole, kol, coal, rolle, shoal, skoal, nohl, bowl, pohl, stol, thole, kohl, bole, stroll, colle, stole, sol;
  2. extol, console, patrol, ecole, nicole, pistole, enroll, unroll, control, ole, cajole, viole, nicolle;
  3. decontrol, self-control;

What are the translations for parole?

Arabic word for Parole

إطْلَاقُ سَرَاحٍ مَشْرُوطٍ.

Dutch words for Parole

voorwaardelijke vrijlating, erewoord, parool, parooltijd.

French word for Parole

liberté conditionnelle.

German word for Parole


Greek word for Parole

αποφυλάκιση υπό όρους.

Hindi word for Parole


Italian words for Parole

libertà vigilata, libertà provvisoria, libertà condizionale.

Japanese word for Parole


Marathi word for Parole


Norwegian word for Parole


Romanian word for Parole

eliberare condiționată.

Russian words for Parole

пароль, досрочное освобождение, условно-досрочное освобождение, срок условного заключения.

Spanish words for Parole

palabra de honor, parol.

Turkish word for Parole

şartlı tahliye.