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How To Spell parquet?

Correct spelling: parquet

List of misspellings for parquet:

  • parque,
  • parcket,
  • pqrquet,
  • picqued,
  • par2uet,
  • pirhouette,
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Examples of usage for parquet:

  1. He tramped the parquet like a savage hyena. – Melomaniacs by James Huneker

Rhymes for parquet:

  1. spray, lei, saye, mae, wy, jay, fray, wray, say, daye, tae, slay, ne, hey, faye, ca, pei, way, dray, shea, k, tay, kaye, sleigh, gray, pray, cay, wey, bey, shay, khe, hay, sway, mei, cray, trey, rae, bay, prey, weigh, jaye, maye, neigh, che, waye, re, may, ae, brae, sta, lait, fey, de, day, rey, jae, ay, dey, graye, hwe, raye, sze, ley, se, drey, nay, lay, tray, ney, gaye, dae, frey, pay, ray, flay, stray, gway, haye, kay, whey, play, nej, brey, fay, paye, vey, clay, wei, mey, stay, j, fe, grey, quai, they, yay, klay, bray, quay, yea, blay;
  2. da, betray, gervais, replay, cache, cathay, rene, cafe, display, olay, cliche, crochet, defray, mackay, bombay, astray, allay, halfway, carre, ballet, array, abbe, obey, bouquet, soiree, repay, prepay, essay, asay, puree, hooray, macrae, belay, passe, o'shea, today, ha, mcveigh, calais, risque, filet, jose, hervey, monet, oj, valet, beauvais, orsay, b-j, croquet, dossier, millay, beret, nisei, renee, manet, okay, dk, chalet, delay, portray, moray, sorbet, delray, levey, decay, sergei, mccrea, fillet, convey, purvey, ole, hurray, souffle, saute, mckay, nikkei, ek, survey, dismay, toupee, buffet, ga, away;
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Translations for parquet:

Arabic word for Parquet


Chinese word for Parquet


French word for Parquet


German word for Parquet


Greek word for Parquet


Hindi word for Parquet

लकड़ी की छत.

Japanese word for Parquet


Korean word for Parquet


Malay word for Parquet


Marathi word for Parquet

लाकडी चौकटी.

Polish word for Parquet


Romanian word for Parquet


Russian word for Parquet


Tamil word for Parquet

அழகு வேலைப்பாடு அமைந்த தரை.

Turkish word for Parquet


Ukrainian word for Parquet