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How To Spell participation?

Correct spelling: participation

Definition of participation:

  1. The act or state of participating, or sharing in common with others; as, a participation in joy or sorrows.

List of misspellings for participation:

  • particpiation,
  • paritcipation,
  • participatation,
  • preticipating,
  • particiipation,
  • partiicipating,
  • particaiption,
  • prticipation,
  • partisipation,
  • pariticipating,
  • pertisapating,
  • particiaptation,
  • partecipating,
  • partispation,
  • enticipation,
  • partitipation,
  • prarticipation,
  • participacion,
  • participataion,
  • pertisipating,
  • participting,
  • perticipating,
  • participantions,
  • patricipating,
  • particicpation,
  • particiapation,
  • particapation,
  • particitpation,
  • proticapation,
  • partciaption,
  • particiption,
  • partecipation,
  • particicpating,
  • participatinion,
  • partisapateing,
  • participaitng,
  • pariticipation,
  • participatrion,
  • pertisapation,
  • particitpating,
  • partipation,
  • particpateing,
  • partisipateing,
  • participatoin,
  • participarting,
  • particapiting,
  • paerticipation,
  • partipication,
  • paricipation,
  • participaing,
  • aticipation,
  • participaiton,
  • particiation,
  • particiaption,
  • particpation,
  • aniticipation,
  • participartion,
  • participiation,
  • particiapating,
  • participationg,
  • participatin,
  • participaating,
  • partisipating,
  • prisciption,
  • precipation,
  • participaton,
  • particaption,
  • partispating,
  • participatio,
  • anticipiation,
  • particpiating,
  • patisapation,
  • antiscipation,
  • anitcipation,
  • participiating,
  • praticipation,
  • perticipation,
  • participatiing,
  • antisipation,
  • particiapting,
  • partcipation,
  • pertispation,
  • particpating,
  • participattion,
  • participateion,
  • partiicipation,
  • partiscipating,
  • partiicpation,
  • partsipating,
  • particitation,
  • participaiting,
  • paritcipating,
  • partiicpating,
  • paraticipating,
  • participationin,
  • particiopation,
  • particiipating,
  • precipiation,
  • partciptation,
  • partiipation.

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Quotes for participation:

  1. General Musharraf needs my participation to give credibility to the electoral process, as well as to respect the fundamental right of all those who wish to vote for me.
  2. The Bush administration doesn't particularly like public participation. It makes them look bad.
  3. The Menzies Government, by its participation in the plans for the development of other nations, can see the virtue of planning for them but apparently cannot see the virtue of a plan for Australia.
  4. A multi -polar world can not exist without recognising the status and participation of developing countries.
  5. The trial organized with U. N. participation of some kind will be for crimes committed by Khmer Rouge leaders from 1975 to 1979. That's it.

Rhymes for participation:

  1. glaciation, aviation, propagation, perforation, approximation, punctuation, publication, reconfiguration, visualization, concatenation, hospitalization, ostentation, computation, divination, coagulation, fluctuation, decoration, inactivation, politicization, tabulation, consecration, miniaturization, domination, fibrillation, conversation, specialization, gradation, mutilation, application, expropriation, situation, anticipation, calibration, consultation, ratification, calculation, echolocation, exploration, immunization, demarcation, recertification, reparation, relation, devastation, invitation, elevation, desiccation, molestation, gastrulation, demonstration, regeneration, reclamation, incarnation, reservation, investigation, determination, escalation, plantation, reiteration, inflation, inflammation, nationalization, verification, degradation, medication, figuration, trepidation, intimidation, graduation, mutation, suburbanization, coordination, indemnification, urbanization, dehydration, validation, condensation, westernization, corporation, dilatation, disinformation, deformation, exoneration, realization, decontamination, falsification, amortization, formation, depopulation, estimation, usurpation, delegation, conflagration, subordination, ventilation, recantation, popularization, perspiration, taxation, saturation, standardization, revocation, recuperation, foundation, emancipation, fumigation, exclamation, meditation, destination, normalization, quantification, presentation, confiscation, culmination, vibration, conglomeration, reunification, vocation, devaluation, orchestration, impersonation, incrustation, affrication, discrimination, examination, misinterpretation, confabulation, reaffirmation, consideration, flirtation, infiltration, cancellation, croatian, convocation, segmentation, compilation, sophistication, sterilization, granulation, manifestation, demonization, ejaculation, consolidation, disembarkation, configuration, embarkation, aggravation, agitation, decentralization, equalization, derivation, inhabitation, temptation, proclamation, appalachian, excitation, foliation, permutation, dissertation, repudiation, restoration, evaluation, annotation, explanation, navigation, dictation, modification, allocation, incrimination, telecommunication, interrogation, annexation, characterization, discoloration, intensification, degeneration, incantation, liberalization, exaggeration, capitulation, advocation, implication, generalization, redecoration, constellation, dispensation, vacation, polarization, operation, sanitation, globalization, balkanization, transportation, imputation, optimization, irradiation, exacerbation, denationalization, equivocation, observation, augmentation, domestication, imagination, exfoliation, oscillation, decapitation, arbitration, intoxication, reincarnation, sequestration, speculation, narration, reclassification, improvisation, notation, facilitation, excavation, preservation, argumentation, alleviation, frustration, cooperation, concentration, fabrication, misinformation, recreation, stipulation, inclination, dissociation, installation, reconfirmation, innovation, discontinuation, immigration, population, malformation, inauguration, mitigation, fertilization, misidentification, assimilation, ministration, diversification, manipulation, miscommunication, alteration, nomination, flotation, provocation, electrification, illumination, motivation, inhalation, excommunication, industrialization, contemplation, agglomeration, renunciation, vulgarization, incapacitation, nullification, defamation, rotation, valuation, evocation, bifurcation, hybridization, negotiation, translation, vindication, dissemination, nitration, vaporization, vacillation, articulation, elongation, nonproliferation, lubrication, levitation, commendation, incoordination, proliferation, modulation, reflation, demodulation, conjugation, irritation, approbation, negation, impregnation, resignation, exhalation, indexation, deportation, initiation, overvaluation, adulation, pollination, reconsideration, accumulation, imitation, mediation, recrimination, consternation, amelioration, insulation, irrigation, edification, pronunciation, vilification, commercialization, mechanization, localization, maturation, identification, lactation, humiliation, ossification, congregation, location, altercation, expectation, invocation, machination, justification, criminalization, sedimentation, remediation, premeditation, resuscitation, desalinization, cohabitation, combination, hyperinflation, simulation, gratification, respiration, pigmentation, emulation, collectivization, infatuation, information, fragmentation, termination, privation, collaboration, fascination, summation, expiration, reaffiliation, relaxation, isolation, subsidization, ovulation, miseration, vegetation, adaptation, exasperation, sarmatian, invalidation, detoxification, rehabilitation, occupation, amplification, elimination, obfuscation, contamination, elation, pagination, intonation, pressurization, distillation, inoculation, horatian, nondiscrimination, recalculation, revitalization, reevaluation, perturbation, obligation, registration, tribulation, authentication, appellation, rationalization, magnification, gyration, multiplication, rehydration, monopolization, salvation, miscalculation, evaporation, backwardation, marginalization, colonization, indignation, pasteurization, renegotiation, revelation, simplification, dedication, dalmatian, evacuation, adjudication, computerization, deviation, deregulation, deceleration, deification, reconciliation, denomination, privatisation, inspiration, libration, allegation, condemnation, prefabrication, education, utilization, cremation, coloration, fortification, exhortation, compensation, inundation, equitation, ligation, misappropriation, communication, titillation, liberation, desecration, confrontation, designation, recommendation, naturalization, indication, disputation, disinflation, undervaluation, refrigeration, preparation, misapplication, overpopulation, harmonization, hydration, explication, ovation, variation, representation, legalization, reinvigoration, prostration, rumination, codification, visitation, damnation, commemoration, democratization, celebration, exhumation, fixation, indentation, miscreation, denunciation, disinclination, consolation, instrumentation, gestation, depreciation, organisation, mineralization, quotation, deflation, neutralization, modernization, incubation, cultivation, formulation, correlation, violation, duration, insubordination, organization, reformation, reforestation, corp, animation, reinterpretation, desperation, connotation, incarceration, probation, securitization, appreciation, duplication, filtration, substantiation, suffocation, admiration, triangulation, congratulation, prognostication, mobilization, hesitation, separation, dissipation, hallucination, rededication, complication, ordination, oxidation, deliberation, germination, pontification, desalination, illustration, disorganization, procreation, crustacean, regimentation, demobilization, relocation, fluoridation, litigation, limitation, civilization, deforestation, disorientation, origination, subluxation, oration, purification, sensation, fermentation, dilation, implantation, elaboration, depredation, revaluation, victimization, pacification, insemination, infestation, disqualification, creation, socialization, decertification, protestation, confederation, affirmation, stagnation, segregation, reputation, conservation, recitation, optation, emigration, instigation, habitation, reallocation, migration, starvation, consummation, amalgamation, enumeration, gravitation, dramatization, misrepresentation, liquidation, declaration, hydrogenation, palpitation, dehumanization, solicitation, experimentation, interpretation, replication, unionization, annihilation, qualification, generation, deprivation, notification, disintegration, procrastination, reauthorization, donation, gasification, implementation, conciliation, assassination, hibernation, vaccination, perpetuation, transformation, intimation, cogitation, extermination, transillumination, stagflation, alienation, exploitation, refutation, affectation, profanation, renomination, communization, insinuation, appropriation, rectification, detonation, clarification, personalization, toleration, sedation, authorization, continuation, ionization, differentiation, destabilization, privatization, stabilization, certification, moderation, adoration, retaliation, legislation, corroboration, laceration, menstruation, christianization, precipitation, depravation, syndication, ramification, strangulation, glorification, classification, aspiration, emanation, personification, exhilaration, expatriation, eradication, jubilation, mummification, desegregation, regulation, centralization, association, specification, stimulation, stalinization, categorization, demoralization, rejuvenation, unification, avocation, dislocation, orientation, preoccupation, magnetization, coronation, retardation, reexamination, sanctification, proration, maximization, reverberation, repatriation, masturbation, delineation, amputation, saponification, integration, desolation, nucleation, affiliation, confirmation, radiation, indoctrination, automation, extrapolation, russification, constipation, predestination, transplantation, remuneration, importation, renovation, self-congratulation, ornamentation, incorporation, reorganization, documentation, gentrification, federation;
  2. nation, ration, station, haitian;
  3. carnation, castration, cessation, alsatian, cetacean, citation, causation;
  4. abrogation, activation, acclimation, aberration, accusation, abdication;
  5. acceleration, abomination, accreditation, accommodation, abbreviation;
  6. alphabetization, capitalization, cannibalization, acidification;
  7. decriminalization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination, americanization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for participation:

Dutch words for Participation

betrokkenheid, deelname, participatie, medewerking, deelneming, inspraak, medezeggenschap.

French word for Participation


German words for Participation

Beteiligung, Mitwirkung, Teilnahme, Mitarbeit, Partizipation, Teilhabe, Unternehmensbeteiligung, Teilhaberschaft.

Italian word for Participation


Japanese words for Participation

参加, パーティシペーション, 関与, かんよ, 干与.

Javanese word for Participation


Malay word for Participation


Norwegian word for Participation


Polish words for Participation

uczestnictwo, członkostwo, partycypacja.

Romanian word for Participation


Swedish word for Participation