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How To Spell partition?

Correct spelling: partition

List of misspellings for partition:

  • petitoin,
  • pratitioner,
  • pedreatitian,
  • beautition,
  • partiation,
  • cartisian,
  • partitionner,
  • partuition,
  • partisian,
  • pertection,
  • partetion,
  • opertation,
  • artisian,
  • hypertesion,
  • positition,
  • particpation,
  • particpiation,
  • persition,
  • partiipation,
  • puntuation,
  • protetion,
  • petiton,
  • petitin,
  • portiion,
  • positistion,
  • partciaption,
  • partiotion,
  • partipation,
  • petitioin,
  • partation,
  • copertition,
  • peittion,
  • peititon,
  • partitian,
  • attetion,
  • particiation,
  • potition,
  • partiton,
  • particiape,
  • patition,
  • particaiption,
  • paortion,
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  • puctuation,
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Divide and Rule: The Partition of Africa, 1880-1914



Divide and Rule: The Partition of Africa, 1880-1914, is a history book by Dutch historian Henk Wesseling, published by Bert Bakker 1991. As the title suggests, the books deals with the European partition and colonisation of Africa.

Fourth Partition



The Fourth Partition – is a documentary film about the history of Poles in Chicago and the United States. The film’s focus is on the first wave of over 4,000,000 Poles who migrated from Poland between 1870 and 1920.

Main–Partition Streets Historic District


The Main–Partition Streets Historic District is located at Saugerties in Ulster County, New York. The district includes 78 contributing buildings. It encompasses the village's central business district. It includes a variety of two and three story, brick commercial buildings, two churches, a U.S.

Narowal District


Narowal District, is a district in the province of Punjab of Pakistan. Narowal city is the capital of the district. During the British rule, Narowal was the town of Raya Khas tehsil of Sialkot District.

Patiala and East Punjab States Union


The Patiala and East Punjab States Union was a state of India uniting eight princely states between 1948 and 1956. The capital and principal city was Patiala. The state covered an area of 26,208 km². Shimla, Kasauli, Kandaghat, Dharampur and Chail also became part of the PEPSU.

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Quotes for partition:

  1. We are totally committed to ending partition and to creating the conditions for unity and independence.
  2. And opposite the bench, the dock, divided by a partition, with the women to the left and the men to the right, as it is on the stairs or the block in polite society.
  3. What should be the future of Israel? Is the land the most important choice, and for that reason to keep the whole of the land at any cost, or to have a partition and build the Jewish state on part of the land? And the other part?

Translations for partition:

Chinese words for Partition

隔, 分区, 隔板, 分治, 瓜分, 隔断, 分隔物.

Dutch word for Partition


French words for Partition

partir, cloison.

German words for Partition

Gliederung, Teil, teilen, Abteilung, Aufteilung, Teilung, Unterteilung, unterteilen, aufteilen, Teilbereich, Aufgliederung, Trennung, Untergliederung, abteilen, Zwischenwand, Partition, Trennwand, Abtrennung, Abschottung, Partitionierung, Stellwand, Raumteiler, Scheidewand, partitionieren.

Italian word for Partition


Japanese words for Partition

パーティション, 仕切り, 分け目, 隔壁, わけめ, 中仕切, なかじきり, かくへき, かくまく, 中仕切り, 隔膜, >仕切り.

Javanese word for Partition


Marathi word for Partition


Norwegian word for Partition


Polish word for Partition


Romanian word for Partition


Russian words for Partition

перегородка, ширма, простенок.

Spanish words for Partition

reparto, dividir, mampara, separador, partición, tabique, hacer particiones de, compartimentar, pared divisoria, muro de separación, particionar.

Swedish word for Partition


Tamil word for Partition


Ukrainian word for Partition


Vietnamese word for Partition

phân vùng.