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How To Spell passe?

Correct spelling: passe

What are the misspellings for passe ?

  • pasce,
  • casse,
  • passsed,
  • prasie,
  • piese,
  • palse,
  • plasce,
  • vasse,
  • pasive,
  • passies,
  • pasced,
  • passede,
  • pasify,
  • palsey,
  • passy,
  • vasser,
  • pahes,
  • pussel,
  • prosse,
  • paassed,
  • passaway,
  • possibe,
  • apese,
  • passe,
  • pisseed,
  • paisey,
  • pisse,
  • pasover,
  • parase,
  • perssue,
  • possale,
  • peease,
  • poose,
  • apose,
  • assie,
  • pastey,
  • pusre,
  • pirze,
  • passin,
  • pecause,
  • posser,
  • lasse,
  • persser,
  • poesss,
  • paruse,
  • poske,
  • pasos,
  • passle,
  • paese,
  • pasis,
  • apsce,
  • passs,
  • asser,
  • passgae,
  • paice,
  • passeger,
  • phase1,
  • piease,
  • pizze,
  • preasue,
  • passd,
  • possile,
  • asse,
  • plesse,
  • pisss,
  • poassed,
  • posie,
  • psace,
  • passege,
  • paasage,
  • passapor,
  • pisssed,
  • pleasse,
  • pasley,
  • peise,
  • nassue,
  • passiv,
  • pasma,
  • pahase,
  • episoe,
  • pussey,
  • passice,
  • assey,
  • passsive,
  • perseu,
  • passine,
  • passener,
  • passaage,
  • passave,
  • possee,
  • pissd,
  • peacee,
  • pussie,
  • psate,
  • persue,
  • yasser,
  • peasce,
  • payes,
  • posese,
  • passeage.

What is the definition of passe?

  1. Alt. of Passee

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What are the quotes for passe?

  1. I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass -market fashion is very modern- wearing head -to -toe designer has become a bit passe. It's a new era in fashion- there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high -end, low -end, classic labels, and up -and -coming designers all together.
  2. As far as dramas are concerned, it's considered passe for playwrights to turn out anything the average person can understand.
  3. I believe that history has shape, order, and meaning; that exceptional men, as much as economic forces, produce change; and that passe abstractions like beauty, nobility, and greatness have a shifting but continuing validity.
  4. I think that's become passe, but if you can surround yourself with a kind of monument to yourself and your family- a statement- and you can afford it, then that's a noble project.
  5. Studios are passe for me. I'd rather play in a garage, in a truck, or a rehearsal hall, a club, or a basement.

What are the rhymes for passe?

  1. spray, ney, flay, hwe, saye, klay, rey, gway, prey, slay, they, bay, wei, wey, may, ne, ca, mey, tray, pay, day, re, quay, nay, blay, kay, shay, graye, jae, gray, haye, way, jay, pray, pei, paye, neigh, lei, k, brey, hay, yea, maye, cray, khe, yay, mae, jaye, wray, raye, ley, wy, sze, dey, fey, fay, rae, play, bray, tay, fe, dae, kaye, lait, sway, grey, brae, sta, che, fray, clay, cay, ay, daye, nej, shea, frey, ae, se, dray, gaye, tae, stay, mei, waye, de, hey, stray, quai, trey, weigh, vey, drey, sleigh, faye, lay, whey, say, j, ray, bey;
  2. manet, sergei, gervais, cathay, calais, soiree, repay, replay, dk, sorbet, ha, olay, cache, fillet, beauvais, belay, macrae, levey, ole, hooray, dismay, today, o'shea, purvey, okay, ga, parquet, orsay, risque, asay, carre, obey, jose, hervey, souffle, moray, allay, essay, prepay, delray, portray, monet, array, abbe, croquet, puree, valet, away, mckay, bombay, toupee, bouquet, cliche, mccrea, halfway, ek, survey, da, delay, oj, nisei, decay, buffet, beret, saute, rene, chalet, nikkei, betray, convey, ballet, mackay, b-j, hurray, millay, mcveigh, display, defray, crochet, cafe, filet, renee, dossier, astray;
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  5. waga;