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How To Spell patch?

Correct spelling: patch

What is the definition of patch?

  1. sewing that repairs a worn or torn place in a garment

What does the abbreviation patch mean?

 \p(a)-tch, pat-ch\

Patch as a girl's name is a variant of Patches.

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This graph shows how "patch" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for patch?

  1. brach, match, gatch, mache, lache, rach, drach, lach, hatch, latch, catch, hach, scratch, kach, bache, thatch, batch, snatch;
  2. mismatch, dispatch, detach, attach, rematch;
  3. reattach, overmatch;

What are the translations for patch?

Arabic word for Patch


Chinese words for Patch

Patavium, 斑片.

Dutch words for Patch

vlek, corrigeren, lap, beslechten, repareren, pleister, oplappen.

French words for Patch

tâche, parcelle, corriger, raccord, correctif, Rustine, écusson, patcher, réparer, rapiécer, pansement, coin, bandeau.

German words for Patch

einsetzen, herstellen, verstellen, Stelle, Korrektur, Assembler, reparieren, Patch, Flicken, Beet, ausbessern, Fleck, Flecken, Reparatur, Pflaster, Aufnäher, kleine Stelle, Korrektur für Programmierfehler, patchen, Plaque.

Greek word for Patch


Hindi word for Patch


Italian words for Patch

lembo, cerotto, toppa, pezza, rattoppo.

Korean word for Patch

깁는 헝겊.

Marathi word for Patch


Polish words for Patch

poprawka, naszywka, łata, skrawek, łatka, plaster, pakiet naprawczy.

Portuguese words for Patch

corrigir, remendo, adesivo, retalho, consertar, emplastro, penso.

Russian word for Patch


Spanish words for Patch

campo, mancha, parcela, trecho, reparar, pedazo, trozo, bocado, parche, remiendo, parchar, remendar, manchón, Lapp.

Swedish word for Patch


Ukrainian word for Patch


Vietnamese word for Patch

miếng vá.