How To Spell Pease?

Correct spelling: Pease

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What is the definition of Pease?

  1. of Pea

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What are the usage examples for Pease?

  1. Taylor, the water poet, visited the town in 1622, and was the guest of George Pease landlord of the " King's Head" Inn, High Street. – England in the Days of Old by William Andrews

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What are the translations for Pease?

Chinese word for Pease


French word for Pease

Nous vous invitons à.

German word for Pease

Wir fordern.

Hindi word for Pease

मटर के दाने.

Japanese word for Pease


Korean word for Pease


Marathi word for Pease


Spanish word for Pease


Tamil word for Pease

பட்டாணிக் கடலை.

Turkish word for Pease