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How To Spell perceive?

Correct spelling: perceive

List of misspellings for perceive:

  • peruasive,
  • persuative,
  • perceiveing,
  • receiva,
  • perscieve,
  • perscibe,
  • pervoice,
  • percieve,
  • perceieves,
  • perceivere,
  • peceive,
  • peaceof,
  • perseves,
  • percevere,
  • pleasehave,
  • perseve,
  • persurve,
  • pressive,
  • persuisive,
  • preseve,
  • percevied,
  • persieved,
  • persuasve,
  • perserve,
  • percervier,
  • pecieved,
  • perseives,
  • reecieve,
  • receivie,
  • posseive,
  • sercive,
  • percise,
  • perceieve,
  • perseive,
  • perswaysive,
  • persuavive,
  • porscehe,
  • recevie,
  • percieveing,
  • recieive,
  • percice,
  • peirceing,
  • rrecieve,
  • precive,
  • perceeved,
  • percieves,
  • percieving,
  • pocessive,
  • peceived,
  • procive,
  • perciving,
  • percevier,
  • posiviive,
  • persasuve,
  • ppresive,
  • perveive,
  • persieves,
  • perseved,
  • perpestive,
  • perserv,
  • receieve,
  • persuavie,
  • persuave,
  • perscise,
  • peiceful,
  • receiove,
  • percived,
  • persieve,
  • percivier,
  • peserve,
  • perservier,
  • perecieve,
  • ecieve,
  • percusive,
  • percific,
  • piecieve,
  • receiev,
  • perceve,
  • persribe,
  • percieved,
  • pereceive,
  • reicieve,
  • pecived,
  • peicesof,
  • receeive,
  • perceieving,
  • percefly,
  • oppersive,
  • perserver,
  • receiv,
  • pecice,
  • perswasive,
  • persive,
  • perciever,
  • posivive,
  • pecieves,
  • perfice,
  • perceing,
  • persusuve,
  • possecive.

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Quotes for perceive:

  1. Until we perceive the meaning of our past, we remain the mere carriers of ideas, like the Nomads.
  2. Image is what people perceive my life to be. It's nothing like the truth.
  3. It is the function of creative man to perceive and to connect the seemingly unconnected.
  4. So how critics will perceive your film or your work, or whether your movie is going to make $100 million at the box office, or whether you are going to be winning any awards- well, you have no control over that.
  5. Let a man get up and say, Behold, this is the truth, and instantly I perceive a sandy cat filching a piece of fish in the background. Look, you have forgotten the cat, I say.

Translations for perceive:

Arabic word for Perceive


Chinese word for Perceive


Dutch words for Perceive

zien, inzien, vernemen, waarnemen, beschouwen, beseffen, bespeuren, ontwaren, signaleren.

French words for Perceive

concevoir, saisir, comprendre, remarquer, entendre, sentir, distinguer, apercevoir, percevoir, ver, discerner, s'apercevoir de.

German words for Perceive

betrachten, wahrnehmen, erkennen, bemerken, merken, mit den Sinnen erfassen, perzipieren, Notar.

Italian word for Perceive


Japanese words for Perceive

とらえる, 捉える, 心付く, 見て取る, みてとる, 心づく, 見取る, さとる, 気付く, 覚る, 窺いしる, きづく, 窺い知る, 伺い知る, うかがいしる, みとる, きがつく, 知覚する.

Javanese word for Perceive


Korean word for Perceive


Malay word for Perceive


Marathi word for Perceive

समजून घ्या.

Norwegian word for Perceive


Polish words for Perceive

postrzegać, dostrzec, postrzegają.

Portuguese words for Perceive

perceber, achar, compreender, enxergar, percepcionar.

Romanian word for Perceive


Russian words for Perceive

воспринимать, воспринимают.

Spanish words for Perceive

considerar, captar, interpretar, observar, entender, detectar, comprender, concebir, percibir, intuir, distinguir, sien, encarar, dar cuenta de.

Swedish word for Perceive


Turkish word for Perceive


Ukrainian word for Perceive