How To Spell period?

Correct spelling: period

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What are the rhymes for period?

  1. myriad;

What are the translations for period?

Afrikaans word for Period


Arabic word for Period


Chinese words for Period

时, 期限, 学时, 课时, 大姨妈, 阶段, 年头, 时代, 周期, 历时.

Dutch words for Period

punt, tijd, termijn, duur, looptijd, lesuur, tijdvak.

French words for Period

point, règles, heure de cours.

German words for Period

Punkt, Zeitspanne, Zeit, Abschnitt, Laufzeit, Frist, Phase, Dauer, Zeitdauer, Regel, Zeitraum, Periode, Epoche, Moment, Tage, Zeitabschnitt, Zeitalter, Ära, Menstruation, Unterrichtsstunde, Zeitintervall, Stunde, Umlaufzeit, Schwingungsdauer, Regelblutung, Schwingungszeit, Schulstunde, Fase.

Greek word for Period


Japanese words for Period

時代, 期, 周期, 年代, 頃, ピリオド, てなし, 紀, 〇, じだい, しゅうき, ○, 月役, つきやく, 休止符, 終止符, 他屋, ピリ, 手なし, 比おい, 手無し, じせん, くてん, 週期, しゅうしふ, 句点.

Malay words for Period

Tempo, Tempoh.

Norwegian word for Period


Polish words for Period

kropka, okres, czas, przedział, miesiączka, menstruacja.

Portuguese words for Period

hora, ponto, prazo, termo, período, regra, ponto final, menstruação.

Romanian word for Period


Spanish words for Period

punto, plazo, momento, etapa, período, lapso, ejercicio, tiempo, reglas, era, menstruación.

Swedish word for Period


Tamil word for Period


Turkish word for Period


Ukrainian word for Period


Vietnamese word for Period

thời kỳ.