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How To Spell physical?

Correct spelling: physical

Definition of physical:

  1. relating to the sciences dealing with matter and energy; especially physics; "physical sciences"; "physical laws"

List of misspellings for physical:

  • physcilly,
  • physicaion,
  • physicalay,
  • phyisical,
  • physiclaly,
  • pyhsical,
  • physycal,
  • physcially,
  • physichally,
  • fhysical,
  • ohysical,
  • phsyicaly,
  • physocology,
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  • fisical,
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Physical Tour


Concert tour

The Physical Tour was the fifth concert tour by Australian singer Olivia Newton-John, in support of her 12th studio album, Physical. The tour consisted of 64 shows in North America only, the second largest by Newton-John, visiting arenas and stadiums. It's the first concert tour by Newton-John since 1978 and her last in 16 years, until The Main Event Tour.

Shanghai University


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Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education


College in Kunitachi, Japan

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Rhymes for physical:

  1. metaphysical;

Translations for physical:

Afrikaans word for Physical


Arabic word for Physical


Dutch words for Physical

materieel, lichamelijk, fysiek, fysisch, natuurkundig, tastbaar.

French words for Physical

concret, physique, physiques, corporel, charnel.

German words for Physical

real, Material, technisch, Musterung, materiell, physisch, physikalisch, ärztliche Untersuchung, leiblich, leibhaftig, körperbetont, Vorsorgeuntersuchung.

Greek word for Physical


Japanese words for Physical

物理的, フィジカル, 生理的, 心的, 肉的, 身体上, ぶつりてき, せいりてき, にくてき, フイジカル, しんたいじょう, しんてき, ぶってき, 身体の.

Javanese word for Physical


Korean word for Physical


Malay word for Physical


Polish word for Physical


Portuguese words for Physical

efectiva, físico, corporais, corpóreo, medicinal.

Romanian word for Physical


Spanish words for Physical

corporal, natural, físico, somático, anatómico, corpóreo.

Swedish word for Physical


Turkish word for Physical


Ukrainian word for Physical


Vietnamese word for Physical

thuộc về thân thể.