How To Spell pi?

Correct spelling: pi

What are the misspellings for pi?

What is the definition of pi?

  1. the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet

What does the abbreviation pi mean?

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This graph shows how "pi" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for pi?

  1. Yeck mush can lel a grai ta panni, but twenty cant kair him pi – The English Gipsies and Their Language by Charles G. Leland
  2. I thought it must have come from the bake- shop where they do all the other pi – The Dominant Strain by Anna Chapin Ray
  3. And not long ago, our enemy Pi Lo himself wanted to deliver an imperial letter in the cave of the Sea of Dungting. – The Chinese Fairy Book by Various

What are the rhymes for pi?

  1. bae, dry, phy, fye, shai, nigh, hi, lxi, sri, sy, high, sky, ay, fae, pie, lie, cai, keye, wye, tai, spy, thy, sai, tie, frye, rye, bly, lye, kwai, mai, try, pye, vie, cry, gyi, why, chai, dai, ply, buy, die, fi, pae, gae, tae, bye, ngai, nye, aye, eye, shy, sly, hy, wry, thigh, wai, chae, bligh, thai, sigh, kai, kyi, tye, wy, lai, guy, sci, pty, pri, phi, dye, nie, by, fry, fly, pry, spry, ly, ty, tsai, brye, yie, cy, vy, bi, my, flye, sty, psi, ai, jai, vi, mei, chi;
  2. kanai, bonsai, retry, hi-fi, belie, untie, defy, standby, decry, goodbye, hereby, alai, shanghai, mihai, nearby, deny, supply, apply, reply, july, imai, thereby, mcfly, bye-bye, imply, brunei, rely, versailles, whereby, good-bye, descry, iwai, ally, awry, comply, dubai, uy;
  3. dui, underlie, overfly, misapply, resupply;
  4. isty, cspi, oversupply;
  5. dwi;

What are the translations for pi?

Arabic word for Pi


Chinese word for Pi


Hindi word for Pi


Japanese words for Pi

パイ, 浸透探傷検査, 研究責任者, けんきゅうせきにんしゃ, パラメタしきべつし, パラメタ識別子, しんとうたんしょうけんさ.

Korean word for Pi


Russian word for Pi


Tamil word for Pi


Turkish word for Pi

pi sayısı.

Ukrainian word for Pi