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Correct spelling: pick

Definition of pick:

  1. A sharp- pointed tool for digging; choice; right of selection; foul matter which collects on printing types. To pick up, to take up; to gather. To pick a hole in one's coat, to find fault.
  2. To pluck with the fingers something that grows or adheres to another thing; to pull off or clean with the teeth, fingers, & c; to separate so as to loosen; to steal by taking out with the fingers; to choose or select; to strike with the bill, as a bird; to puncture; to open by a pointed instrument, as a lock.
  3. To eat slowly; to nibble.

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–  Practice Information Clearinghouse of Knowledge
–  Pretty Incredible Choices for Kids

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Quotes for pick:

  1. There should be a moral principle there that says, let's green the ghetto first. Let's go to those communities where they have the least ability to pay for that retrofit and make sure they get that help, make sure they get that support. And give the young people standing on those corners the opportunity to put down those handguns and pick up some caulking guns and be a part of the solution.
  2. The Carnegie Foundation is well aware of the fact that their reports frequently find their way to dusty archives in academic institutions, but occasionally people pick up a segment of a report and act upon it.
  3. Pick a theme and work it to exhaustion... the subject must be something you truly love or truly hate.
  4. On a plane you can pick up more and better people than on any other public conveyance since the stagecoach.
  5. It's still a bottom -line business. You can be out of control, and if they want you, they'll pick you. And you can be a mensch, and if you're not the product they want, you won't get it.

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  2. nonstick, handpick;
  3. realpolitik;