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  1. stricture;

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Afrikaans words for Picture

opname, prentjie.

Arabic word for Picture


Dutch words for Picture

beeld, afbeelding, plaat, figuur, schilderij, schets, toonbeeld, illustratie, prent, plaatje, schilderstuk, beeltenis.

French words for Picture

figure, photo, photographie.

German words for Picture

darstellen, Darstellung, Aufnahme, Dessin, abbilden, schildern, beschreiben, zeichnen, Abbildung, Situation, Bild, malen, Image, Film, Tableau, Foto, Portrait, imaginär, Ablichtung, Fotografie, Panorama, Illustration, Formatbild.

Italian word for Picture


Japanese words for Picture

ピクチャー, 表示画像, 絵画, 挿絵, たんぜい, めにうかぶ, ひょうじがぞう, さし絵, 挿し絵, 人物像, 丹青, さしえ, かいが, じんぶつぞう.

Javanese word for Picture


Norwegian word for Picture


Polish words for Picture

obraz, deseń.

Portuguese words for Picture

desenho, quadro, retrato, imagem, filme, conjuntura.

Russian words for Picture

кинокартина, кинокадр.

Spanish words for Picture

representar, cuadro, imaginarse, idea, perspectiva, retratar, dibujo, grabado, imagen, fotografía, pintura.

Turkish word for Picture


Vietnamese word for Picture