How To Spell pile?

Correct spelling: pile

What does the abbreviation pile mean?

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What are the rhymes for pile?

  1. nile, while, dial, lile, kyl, guile, geil, vile, bile, weil, gile, isle, tile, kyle, niall, lyle, rile, pyle, stile, kile, hile, file, wile, bille, aisle, weill, seil, mile, style, phyle, smile, trial, sheil;
  2. marseille, revile, fertile, compile, hostile, beguile, argyll, restyle, nevile, soleil, mikhail, awhile, worthwhile, defile;
  3. versatile;

What are the translations for pile?

Afrikaans word for Pile


Chinese words for Pile

堆, 一堆, 料堆, 桩身, 堆垛, 垛.

Dutch words for Pile

ondersteunen, bedekken, paal, stapelen, opstapelen, pijler, vullen, brandstapel, heien, ophopen, zich opstapelen, voorzien van palen, samentroepen, samenstromen.

French words for Pile

pile, pal, monté.

German words for Pile

Stoß, Menge, beladen, Masse, Haufen, raffen, Stapel, Schwung, schichten, Pfahl, packen, Reichtum, stapeln, Halde, Flor, Wust, Pfosten, Berg, Pulk, Atomreaktor, Atommeiler, Meiler, Kernreaktor, Poller, Beige, weiches Haar, horten, Mole.

Italian words for Pile

mucchio, catasta, ammasso.

Japanese words for Pile

杭, 山, 重ね, 山盛り, 山積み, ピロティ, ぼうぐい, やまづみ, 山盛, つみかさね, 一盛り, 天こ盛り, やまもり, てんこもり, かさね, 天こ盛, 棒杙, てんこ盛り, 棒杭, ひともり, 積み重ね.

Javanese word for Pile


Malay word for Pile


Marathi word for Pile


Norwegian word for Pile


Polish word for Pile


Portuguese words for Pile

pilha, empilhar, montanha, amontoar, amontoado, pêlo.

Russian word for Pile


Spanish words for Pile

cúmulo, pila, apilar, amontonamiento, tendal.

Turkish word for Pile