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How To Spell pillar?

Correct spelling: pillar

Definition of pillar:

  1. a tall cylindrical vertical upright

List of misspellings for pillar:

  • cilla,
  • poular,
  • biopolar,
  • paller,
  • pplay,
  • opoular,
  • pillot,
  • pequliar,
  • pilar,
  • pecuiliar,
  • pailer,
  • doillar,
  • plaer,
  • pluar,
  • pluarl,
  • pooular,
  • pitular,
  • pillon,
  • pular,
  • pouular,
  • pollar,
  • pulla,
  • piller,
  • bipolor,
  • pipolar,
  • pilli,
  • piluo,
  • biplor,
  • pillairs,
  • cattipillar,
  • pealla,
  • ollar,
  • ciller,
  • pillo,
  • pipular,
  • pallazo,
  • pillatr,
  • partiular,
  • caerpillar,
  • pilars,
  • pilliage,
  • pilllow,
  • piculiar,
  • pllan,
  • pilliow,
  • poluar,
  • pilliars,
  • pille,
  • pollan,
  • willair,
  • pilard,
  • picular,
  • pequiliar,
  • puill,
  • rollar,
  • biplar,
  • pillair,
  • parlar,
  • ppular,
  • pellow,
  • piloow,
  • biploar,
  • pallour,
  • pelll,
  • villar,
  • pillls,
  • pertiular,
  • pacular,
  • polular,
  • pizar,
  • pacuilar,
  • siilar,
  • popullar,
  • killa,
  • hollar,
  • pilliar,
  • piull,
  • pillige,
  • pulll,
  • patallar,
  • plair,
  • pullu,
  • percuiliar,
  • pecuilar,
  • biplour,
  • ploar,
  • pilio,
  • dillar,
  • pariular,
  • pullaway,
  • pelor,
  • killar,
  • sollar,
  • spoiller,
  • bipoloar,
  • pppular,
  • pilor,
  • piella,
  • poloar,
  • picollo.

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Allen Crocker Curtis House–Pillar House


The Pillar House is a historic house that was once located at 26 Quinobequin Road in Newton, Massachusetts, and was prominently visible from nearby Interstate 95.

Middle Pillar Presents


Record label

Middle Pillar Presents is a New York-based record label that specializes in ambient, gothic, and experimental music. The label began as distributor for other labels and artists entitled Middle Pillar Distribution.

Pete's Pillar


Pete's Pillar is a pillar rock or stack lying immediately east of Fildes Point at the north side of the entrance to Port Foster, Deception Island, in the South Shetland Islands.

Somerset Christian College


College in Franklin Township, New Jersey

Somerset Christian College, now known as Pillar College, is a private evangelical Christian college, formerly owned and operated by Pillar of Fire International, a religious denomination.

Tyagada Brahmadeva Pillar


The Tyagada Brahmadeva Pillar is a decorated free standing pillar commissioned by Chamundaraya, an important minister and commander in the Western Ganga kingdom, during the rule of King Marasimha II, Rachamalla IV and Rachamalla V.

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Examples of usage for pillar:

  1. She sat by his side, close to a massive pillar near an open window set deep in the ancient wall. – A Vanished Hand by Sarah Doudney
  2. Two men stood upon the other side of the pillar – The Sins of Séverac Bablon by Sax Rohmer

Quotes for pillar:

  1. These are excellent lessons to break him, and make him light in hand: but nothing puts a horse so much upon his haunches, and consequently makes him so light in hand, as my new method of the pillar.
  2. Women's natural role is to be a pillar of the family.
  3. In journalistic terms, syndication is equivalent to ascending to heaven on a pillar of cloud.
  4. In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.
  5. The administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government.

Rhymes for pillar:

  1. thriller, willer, giller, siller, piller, filler, stiller, chiller, hiller, miller, schiller, biller, millar, spiller, driller, tiller;
  2. distiller;

Translations for pillar:

Arabic word for Pillar


Chinese words for Pillar

柱, 柱子, 柱梁, 柱石.

Dutch words for Pillar

kolom, zuil, paal, pijler, pilaar, steunpilaar, pijler.

French words for Pillar

poste, colonne, pilier, pilon.

German words for Pillar

Pfeiler, Pfosten, Standbein, Grundpfeiler, Stützpfeiler.

Italian word for Pillar


Javanese word for Pillar


Malay word for Pillar


Polish words for Pillar

filar, kolumna, podpora.

Russian word for Pillar


Spanish words for Pillar

sustento, eje, pilar, columna.

Swedish word for Pillar


Tamil word for Pillar