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How To Spell plank?

Correct spelling: plank

Definition of plank:

  1. a stout length of sawn timber; made in a wide variety of sizes and used for many purposes

List of misspellings for plank:

  • pleane,
  • planwhich,
  • klunk,
  • falnk,
  • palne,
  • plann,
  • pleany,
  • panik,
  • applyng,
  • planc,
  • ilink,
  • plana,
  • lanak,
  • pleny,
  • applayng,
  • plankes,
  • planify,
  • playig,
  • plannng,
  • planel,
  • plkay,
  • plan,
  • pllan,
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  • planem,
  • planaum,
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  • liink,
  • pank,
  • plian,
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  • plainiff.

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Album by The Chieftains

Down the Old Plank Road: The Nashville Sessions is a 2002 album by The Chieftains. It is a collaboration between the Irish band and many top country music musicians including Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Lyle Lovett, Martina McBride and Alison Krauss.

Further Down the Old Plank Road


Album by The Chieftains

Further Down the Old Plank Road is a 2003 album by The Chieftains. It is a collaboration between the Irish band and many top country music musicians including Rosanne Cash, Chet Atkins, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Ricky Skaggs, and Patty Loveless.

John Plank Tracey


U.S. representative

John Plank Tracey was a U.S. Representative from Missouri. Born in Wayne County, Ohio, Tracey attended the public schools of Ohio and Indiana. He studied law. He taught school. He moved to Missouri in 1858.

Plank Bridge Creek


Brook in Pennsylvania

Plank Bridge Creek is a tributary of Spring Brook in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is approximately 2.4 miles long and flows through Spring Brook Township. The watershed of the creek has an area of 1.26 square miles. It is inhabited by wild trout throughout its length.

Plank Road Boom


The Plank Road Boom was an economic boom that happened in the United States. Largely in the Eastern United States and New York, the boom lasted from 1844 to the mid 1850s.

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Rhymes for plank:

  1. planck, swank, clank, blank, brank, prank, blanc, rank, sank, spank, flank, thank, dank, yank, franc, franck, crank, stank, hank, shank, francke, frank, shrank, lank, bank, jank, drank, tank, banc;
  2. leblanc;
  3. antitank;

Translations for plank:

Arabic word for Plank


Chinese words for Plank

木板, 板子, 木版, 长方形木板.

Dutch word for Plank


French words for Plank

point, planche.

German words for Plank

Schwerpunkt, Brett, Steg, Diele, Planke, verschalen, Bohle, verplanken, verzimmern.

Hindi word for Plank


Italian word for Plank


Japanese word for Plank


Korean word for Plank


Malay word for Plank


Marathi word for Plank


Polish word for Plank


Romanian words for Plank

tablă, scândură.

Spanish words for Plank

punto, tabla, viga, plataforma, plancha.

Swedish word for Plank


Tamil word for Plank


Turkish word for Plank