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How To Spell planned?

Correct spelling: planned

Definition of planned:

  1. designed or carried out according to a plan; "the planned outlays for new equipment"

List of misspellings for planned:

  • clenned,
  • plantum,
  • planety,
  • linned,
  • plauged,
  • plalyed,
  • elaned,
  • palnned,
  • plendy,
  • playland,
  • planeted,
  • eplained,
  • flanned,
  • palnted,
  • planeed,
  • plante,
  • palanet,
  • plaesed,
  • plantet,
  • slained,
  • planout,
  • pllaned,
  • cleanned,
  • pleansent,
  • uplanned,
  • permannet,
  • plaaned,
  • palanned,
  • planview,
  • planmed,
  • plaayed,
  • plannned,
  • planem,
  • planent,
  • planneda,
  • planwhich,
  • planify,
  • polnad,
  • playind,
  • plansd,
  • laerned,
  • playround,
  • learnned,
  • pardonned,
  • plunbed,
  • planedt,
  • plaaced,
  • placeed,
  • platned,
  • planneed,
  • pland,
  • planket,
  • planel,
  • plantie,
  • plaigued,
  • splanned,
  • larned,
  • plaved,
  • planni,
  • plannes,
  • plaued,
  • planand,
  • planon,
  • eplaind,
  • platend,
  • lawned,
  • playied,
  • llearned,
  • plannets,
  • planenty,
  • pleaned,
  • poalnd,
  • prunned,
  • pillarand,
  • planne,
  • planend,
  • plannd,
  • plannet,
  • playbround,
  • plaiged,
  • plannedto,
  • clanned,
  • panaled,
  • planwood,
  • plend,
  • plentey,
  • palnet,
  • placent,
  • panled,
  • leanned,
  • plannin,
  • xplained,
  • planded,
  • planteed,
  • planng,
  • playgound,
  • w'paneled,
  • palned,
  • clained,
  • plannng.

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Quotes for planned:

  1. This marched was planned to be non violent and non confrontational, and gladly it stayed that way. What really impressed me was the self discipline of the Black Block.
  2. The reason I'm travelling so much is because of reasons that weren't completely planned. Several of the shows became successful and were invited to go to other places and they've all happened at similar times.
  3. We haven't played that many of them because all our gear was over here waiting for us when we could get here. So we didn't get to rehearse any of the new stuff, so we have planned to play 3 or 4 new ones.
  4. Some time ago, I told Larry King that I planned to live to be 102. I still do.
  5. Somebody said to me this morning, 'To what do you attribute your longevity?' I don't know. I mean, I couldn't have planned my life out better. By all accounts I should be dead! The abuse I put my body through: the drugs, the alcohol, the lifestyle I've lived the last 30 years!

Translations for planned:

Afrikaans word for Planned


Arabic word for Planned


Bengali word for Planned


Dutch words for Planned

gepland, beoogd.

French words for Planned

prévue, attendu, planifié, planifiés, planifiée, planifiées, envisagées, projetée, au programme, prévisionnel, calculé.

German words for Planned

beabsichtigt, geplant, intendiert, ausgearbeitet, eingeplant, projektiert, verplant, anvisiert, hingearbeitet.

Greek word for Planned


Hindi word for Planned

की योजना बनाई.

Japanese word for Planned


Javanese words for Planned

Dirancang, Ngrancang.

Norwegian word for Planned


Polish word for Planned


Portuguese word for Planned


Romanian word for Planned


Russian word for Planned


Spanish words for Planned

dirigido, planificada, planeado, previsto, deliberado, premeditado, deseado, proyectado, programado, planificadas, planeadas, planificado, planificados, planeados, estudiado, calculado.

Swedish word for Planned


Tamil word for Planned


Turkish word for Planned


Ukrainian word for Planned