How To Spell plant?

Correct spelling: plant

What is the definition of plant?

  1. put firmly in the mind; "Plant a thought in the students' minds"

What does the abbreviation plant mean?

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What are the rhymes for plant?

  1. slant, brandt, stant, grant, kant, pant, gantt, rant, gant, scant, fant, chant, quant, lant, trant, brant, zant, can't, tant, aunt, cant, plante, ant;
  2. enchant, transplant, supplant, levant, pedant, decant, implant, replant, recant;
  3. disenchant;

What are the translations for plant?

Bengali word for Plant


Dutch words for Plant

fabriek, planten, installatie, gewas, poten, beplanten.

French words for Plant

plante, centrale, usine, planter, central, plant, végétal.

German words for Plant

Anlage, legen, errichten, Betrieb, auslegen, setzen, anbauen, Pflanze, Werk, Fabrik, pflanzen, anpflanzen, Apparatur, Installation, Maschinenpark, Fertigungsanlage, Betriebsgebäude, Gewächs, Werksanlage, Baumaschinen, Betriebsanlage, Fabrikanlage, stecken, einpflanzen, bepflanzen.

Greek word for Plant

εργοστασιακή μονάδα.

Hindi word for Plant


Italian word for Plant


Japanese words for Plant

工場, 植物, 製作所, 植えつける, しょくぶつ, 大型機械, こうば, せいさくじょ, 植え付ける, 播く, せいさくしょ, 植付ける, おおがたきかい, うえつける, 蒔く.

Javanese word for Plant


Malay word for Plant


Norwegian word for Plant


Polish words for Plant

zakład, roślina, fabryka, wtyka, roślinka.

Portuguese words for Plant

usina, semear, unidade.

Russian words for Plant

растение, завод, фабрика, комбинат.

Spanish words for Plant

poner, sembrar, colocar, instalaciones, centro, planta, cultivar, plantar, infiltrar, maquinaria.

Swedish word for Plant


Turkish word for Plant