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Correct spelling: plate


Common misspellings for plate:

plae, platue, plater, plage, aplate, platem, olate, pplate, playt, plaste, plade, platre, plaite, palte, polate, plite, plante, playe, plalte.

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This graph shows how "plate" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for plate:

  1. Silver plate- in our cellar! "The Crevice" , William John Burns and Isabel Ostrander.
  2. Now I come to put my mind on it, I know at our house if I cut up a big plate o' bread we don't eat up half of it; but just as sure as I don't, I hev to get up from the table an' go get more bread." "Friendship Village" , Zona Gale.
  3. " It's real plate- glass now," Hazel went on. "The Son of his Father" , Ridgwell Cullum.

Quotes for plate:

  1. In my own life, I decided to leave meat off my plate in medical school, but was a bit slow to realise that dairy products and eggs are not health foods either. - Neal Barnard
  2. I know my husband really loves me because he takes me to have ribs. He says I'm the only girl he ever took out who actually ate anything on her plate, as opposed to pushing it around. - Julia Barr
  3. I lived through a classic publishing story. My editor was fired a month before the book came out. The editor who took it over already had a full plate. It was never advertised. We didn't get reviewed in any major outlets. - Anita Diament
  4. Most kids will not volunteer to eat veggies. At times you must step up to the plate and enforce the rule of authority as a parent. - Lee Haney
  5. I thought I'd better check this third plate, which is another date, see if there's an image there in the right place that would be consistent with the images on the other plates. That was the final proof. - Clyde Tombaugh

Idioms for plate:

  1. have sth on your plate
  2. have a lot/ enough on your plate
  3. give to on a plate
  4. have too much on plate
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