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What are the rhymes for play?

  1. say, slay, ne, haye, tay, jay, shay, bray, ley, bay, se, blay, re, shea, drey, neigh, day, ca, hay, cay, fray, wray, spray, stay, gway, bey, way, kay, ney, dray, lait, che, gray, sze, sway, ray, fey, jaye, graye, ay, quai, rey, pay, wey, trey, whey, fay, yea, prey, lei, kaye, gaye, raye, pei, tae, hey, mei, khe, j, faye, waye, vey, yay, may, de, brae, tray, paye, saye, lay, clay, they, ae, dae, stray, dey, hwe, k, maye, sleigh, sta, rae, weigh, daye, wei, mey, flay, nej, fe, wy, grey, cray, frey, nay, klay, quay, pray, brey, jae, mae;
  2. cliche, survey, renee, fillet, passe, convey, mackay, okay, prepay, beauvais, dismay, decay, puree, asay, today, ha, beret, oj, obey, levey, crochet, mcveigh, orsay, buffet, replay, valet, saute, gervais, ek, hervey, millay, risque, ole, purvey, essay, portray, manet, allay, dossier, o'shea, filet, cache, jose, parquet, display, hurray, belay, souffle, rene, monet, repay, cafe, nisei, sorbet, delay, astray, toupee, olay, away, mckay, bombay, betray, croquet, macrae, hooray, b-j, halfway, ballet, delray, mccrea, calais, sergei, carre, cathay, ga, moray, dk, array, da, bouquet, abbe, soiree, nikkei, defray, chalet;
  3. monterey, overstay, jna, bouvier, intraday, disarray, attache, uva, lyonnais, cea, fiance, overplay, monterrey, underplay, bua, disobey, chevrolet, bta, piaget, aaa, ekk, faberge, ira, ita, dak, cabaret, perrier, cabernet, underway;
  4. noaa, foia, hiaa, asea, naivete, cabriolet, communique, ceta;
  5. waga;

What are the translations for play?

Afrikaans word for Play


Arabic word for Play


Chinese words for Play

玩, 播放, 演, 游戏, 演奏, 扮演, 玩儿, 般乐, 嬉耍, 抏, 耍子.

Dutch words for Play

draaien, spel, spuiten, inzetten, opvoeren, flikkeren, beurt, stuk, uitvoeren, spelen, bespelen, toneelstuk, afspelen, gokken, opstellen, uithalen, zich vrij bewegen, uitspelen, aan zet zijn, glinsteren.

French words for Play

passer, mettre, jeu, jouer, simuler, jouer à, jouer de, pièce de théâtre, plaisanter.

German words for Play

Spielraum, Spiel, ausspielen, spielen, abspielen, Spielzug, mimen, mitspielen, musizieren, aufspielen, nachspielen, blasen, werken, Theaterstück, Schauspiel, Drama, Spielweise, Play, Bühnenstück, Lagerspiel, Theaterschauspiel.

Greek word for Play

θεατρικό έργο.

Hindi word for Play


Italian words for Play

gioco, divertimento, giocare, suonare, spettacolo teatrale.

Japanese words for Play

プレイ, プレー, 芝居, 劇, 戯曲, 遊戯, 手遊び, 演ずる, ドラマ, えんげき, 演戯, たわむれる, あそぶ, 演る, しばい, てあそび, どち狂う, えんずる, ぎきょく.

Javanese word for Play


Malay word for Play


Marathi word for Play


Norwegian word for Play


Polish word for Play


Portuguese words for Play

jogar, desempenhar, executar, atuar, jogo, peça, brincadeira, reproduzir, peça teatral.

Romanian word for Play

piesă de teatru.

Russian words for Play

играть, прикидываться, притворяться, спектакль, пьеса, резвиться, забавляться.

Spanish words for Play

poner, juego, participar, disputar, emitir, dirigir, mover, actuar, tocar, interpretar, representar, ejecutar, correr, competir, apostar, ocio, fingir, jugar, reproducir, juguetear, obra, sonar, brincar, jugada, ejercer, pieza, bromear, encarnar, holgura, hacer de.

Swedish word for Play


Tamil word for Play


Turkish word for Play


Ukrainian word for Play


Vietnamese word for Play

vở kịch.