How To Spell please?

Correct spelling: please

What is the definition of please?

  1. give pleasure to; be pleasing to

What does the abbreviation please mean?

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What are the rhymes for please?

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What are the translations for please?

Afrikaans word for Please


Arabic word for Please


Bengali word for Please


Dutch words for Please

gelieve, alsjeblieft, bevallen.

French word for Please

faire plaisir à.

German words for Please

Gefallen, erfreuen, Freude machen, Behagen, angenehm sein, gefällig sein, zufriedenstellen.

Greek word for Please


Italian word for Please

far piacere a.

Japanese words for Please

お願い, お願いします, お願いいたします, どうぞ, お願い致します, 御願いします, おねがいします, 何卒, 何とぞ, なにとぞ, たのしませる, プリーズ, おねがいいたします, おねがいもうしあげる, なにそつ, お願い申し上げる, 喜ばせる.

Korean word for Please

기쁘게 하다.

Malay word for Please


Norwegian word for Please

Vær så snill!.

Polish word for Please


Romanian word for Please

te rog!.

Russian word for Please


Spanish words for Please

gustar, contentar, agradar, complacer.

Swedish words for Please

Please, snälla!.

Turkish word for Please


Ukrainian word for Please

будь ласка!.

Vietnamese word for Please

làm ơn!.