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How To Spell pledge?

Correct spelling: pledge

List of misspellings for pledge:

  • knowleldge,
  • knewledge,
  • knowlddge,
  • plieng,
  • plegue,
  • noleage,
  • knpwledge,
  • elegie,
  • alledge,
  • kowleadge,
  • pleage,
  • playdogh,
  • knolwedge,
  • knowladge,
  • knolwdge,
  • peggle,
  • aledge,
  • knoelwdge,
  • playdough,
  • knoledgy,
  • palgue,
  • knoledge,
  • nowledge,
  • bludge,
  • knowleddge,
  • plegde,
  • pakeage,
  • knowwledge,
  • plugg,
  • leadge,
  • palege,
  • villedge,
  • knowleadge,
  • plauqe,
  • plaigue,
  • pleges,
  • pleug,
  • pldge,
  • pleages,
  • plaug,
  • knowloedge,
  • pleghm,
  • pleare,
  • knoeldge,
  • coledge,
  • knopwledge,
  • plexi,
  • pledgeor,
  • knoewledge,
  • clerge,
  • pluge,
  • plugge,
  • purdge,
  • placve,
  • knowlaedge,
  • knowlledge,
  • packedge,
  • pilge,
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  • pleged,
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  • plage,
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  • peldage,
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  • ruledge,
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  • pevolke,
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  • knlowdge,
  • leage.

What does the abbreviation pledge mean?

Related words for pledge

A Gunfighter's Pledge


2008 film

A Gunfighter's Pledge is a 2008 Western television film starring Luke Perry. The film premiered on Hallmark Channel in July 2008. It was filmed at Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley, California.

Broken Pledge


Album by Alove for Enemies

Broken Pledge is an Alove for Enemies EP released in 2003 on Strikefist Records.

Founders Pledge



The Founders Pledge is a program based in the UK and which was started by a non-profit known as Founders Forum for Good, where entrepreneurs make a commitment to donate at least 2% of their personal proceeds to charity when they sell their business.

Pledge Night


1990 film

Pledge Night is an independent film-slasher-suspense movie. It was directed by Paul Ziller. The film is notable for the antagonist, Sid, played in a flashback by Anthrax lead singer Joey Belladonna.

Tum: My Pledge of Love


2011 film

Tum: My Pledge of Love is a 2011 Philippine film directed by Robin Padilla. It stars Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez, Queenie Padilla and Ejay Falcon.

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Rhymes for pledge:

  1. sedge, ledge, dredge, fledge, wedge, sege, edge, sledge, hedge;
  2. eldredge, allege;

Translations for pledge:

Arabic word for Pledge


Bengali word for Pledge


Chinese words for Pledge

宣示, 作誓, 矢志.

Dutch words for Pledge

toost, pand, belofte, toezegging, waarborg, onderpand, gelofte, inpandgeving.

French words for Pledge

engager, serment, promettre, promesse, pacte, nantir.

German words for Pledge

Engagement, Zusage, Versprechen, zusichern, zusagen, Pfand, Gage, Verpfändung, Zusicherung, geloben, Pfandrecht, Unterpfand, Bürgschaft, Ehrenwort, Pfandstück, Schwur, Pfandgegenstand, Gelöbnis, als Pfand geben.

Greek word for Pledge


Italian word for Pledge


Japanese words for Pledge

誓約書, 誓約, 誓う, 宣誓, せいやくしょ, 契る, 誓詞, 誓願, せんせい, 盟約, 質に入れる, しち, せいがん, ちかう, しちにいれる, めいやく, 祈誓, 盟う.

Javanese word for Pledge


Malay words for Pledge

Ikrar, Pant.

Marathi word for Pledge


Polish words for Pledge

deklaracja, zastaw.

Portuguese words for Pledge

compromisso, penhor, promessa.

Romanian word for Pledge


Spanish words for Pledge

compromiso, promesa, comprometer, prometer, pacto, prenda, juramento, pignoración, pignorar.

Turkish word for Pledge


Ukrainian word for Pledge