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Spell Check of pledge

Correct spelling: pledge

Definition of pledge:

  1. Something put in pawn as security; a security; a surety; a security given for the repayment of money or the prosecution of a suit; a drinking to the health of another.
  2. To deposit in pawn or as security; to engage by promise; to drink health to.

Common misspellings for pledge:

pleage, pleadge, plege, plede.


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This graph shows how "pledge" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for pledge:

  1. " Don't have a name of one who does not mean to keep her pledge advised Miss Cresswell. –  by
  2. After another month I hope to send you word about a much larger pledge –  by
  3. Most of the girls will agree to this, and the majority can be depended upon to do as they pledge themselves. –  by

Rhymes for pledge:

  1. dredge, edge, fledge, hedge, ledge, sedge, sledge, wedge, sege;
  2. allege, eldredge;