How To Spell plethora?

Correct spelling: plethora

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This graph shows how "plethora" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for plethora?

  1. Like one who has been bewildered by a plethora of new experiences, he needed time to digest them, and above all he wanted to talk with Victor McCalloway, whose wisdom was, to his thinking, as that of a second Solomon. – The Tempering by Charles Neville Buck

What are the rhymes for plethora?

  1. pecora, nora, gongora, ora, medora, gomorrah, mora, delora, torah, elnora, eldora, morra, lora, eudora, pandora, lorah, theodora, zippora, senora, norah, madora, fedora, zora, honora, thora, maura, menorah, zorah, sonora;
  2. cora, aura, gora, flora, laura, fora, kora, dora, bora;
  3. adora, arora, andorra, angora, anora, aldora, camorra, aurora;
  4. musidora, leonora, feodora, eleanora;
  5. maquiladora;

What are the translations for plethora?

Afrikaans word for Plethora


Arabic word for Plethora


French words for Plethora

panoplie, congestion, kyrielle, multitude, profusion, multiplicité, foisonnement.

German words for Plethora

Vielfalt, Serie, Vielzahl, Reichtum, Unmenge, Schwall, Flut, Myriade, Blutandrang, Plethora.

Greek word for Plethora


Malay word for Plethora


Marathi word for Plethora

कसलीही झालेली बेसुमार वाढ.

Portuguese words for Plethora

abundância, infinidade.

Romanian word for Plethora


Russian word for Plethora


Spanish words for Plethora

multitud, riqueza, infinidad, surtido, plétora, gran cantidad.

Swedish words for Plethora

överflöd, uppsjö.

Turkish word for Plethora