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Correct spelling: plumb

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This graph shows how "plumb" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for plumb:

  1. She was plumb unusual. –  by
  2. Now them kind of places is all right for married men, but they're tough sleddin' for single ones, and after a while a feller gets awful careless about himself; he seems to go backward and run down mighty quick when he gets away from civilization and his people and restaurants and such things; he gets plumb reckless and forgetful of what's what. –  by
  3. But it's plumb unusual. –  by

Quotes for plumb:

  1. When I don't plumb the depths or the opportunities of each day, I don't have joy.

Rhymes for plumb:

  1. bum, chum, come, crumb, drum, dumb, glum, gum, hum, mum, numb, plum, rum, scum, slum, some, strum, sum, thumb, clum, from, grum, lum, mumm, stum, swum, um, yum, umm, maam, dum, gmbh, gumm, lumm, dumm, humm, lumb, crum, thum;
  2. alum, become, succumb;