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How To Spell ponce?

Correct spelling: ponce

List of misspellings for ponce:

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 \p(o)-nce, pon-ce\

Ponce as a boy's name is of Spanish origin, and the meaning of Ponce is "fifth". Made famous by Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon. Quintus is the Latin equivalent.

Related words for ponce

Diego Scotti


Uruguayan soccer player

Diego Martín Scotti Ponce de León is an Uruguayan footballer who plays for Uruguayan side Montevideo Wanderers. Scotti has had an extensive career in South America and China he has played for: Nacional, Montevideo Wanderers and Racing de Montevideo in Uruguay, Tianjin Teda F.C. in China, Olimpia in Paraguay, Audax Italiano in Chile.

Eliodoro Yáñez


Chilean journalist

Eliodoro Yáñez Ponce de León was a Chilean journalist, lawyer, and politician, and was one of the founders of La Nación newspaper. He also served several times as minister and as President of the Senate of Chile. Yáñez was born in Santiago, the son of Manuel Antonio Yañez and of María Josefa Ponce de León.

Florencia Ponce de Leon


Argentine handball player

Florencia Ponce de Leon is an Argentine handball player for the Club Oeste and the Argentine national team. She competed at the 2015 World Women's Handball Championship in Denmark.

Nelson Ponce Sánchez


Nelson Ponce Sanchez was born in 1975, in Alamar. He is an illustrator and graphic designer, especially known for his Vampiros en La Habana poster, as well as his active participation in the Camaleón collective.

Sergio Daniel Ponce


Argentine soccer player

Sergio Daniel Ponce is an Argentine footballer who currently plays for Panegialios in the Football League as an Attacking midfielder or Winger.

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ponce, magnaccia.

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