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How To Spell Pooh?

Correct spelling: Pooh

What are the misspellings for Pooh ?

  • pbuh,
  • poos,
  • p9ooh,
  • poth,
  • po9oh,
  • poaoaer,
  • pooem,
  • proior,
  • poory,
  • woooah,
  • poh,
  • poopy,
  • 0ooh,
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  • ponvolan t,
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  • poot,
  • pooka,
  • doogh.

What is the definition of Pooh?

  1. An exclamation of dislike or contempt.

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This graph shows how "Pooh" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for Pooh?

  1. The parents pooh poohed it, of course, and told the children there was no cause for alarm. – The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories by Charles Weathers Bump
  2. But Dr. Davenport pooh poohed the whole thing. – The Foreign Hand Tie by Gordon Randall Garrett

What are the quotes for Pooh?

  1. Pooh is able to accomplish what he does because he is simpleminded.
  2. They can't pooh -pooh me now, because of who I am.
  3. We made this really dumb decision to put on the cover nothing from South Park but just a real life photo of a piece of pooh dressed up like Mr. Hankey, and a lot of people didn't, they didn't even know what it was.

What are the rhymes for Pooh?

  1. su, few, true, hewe, lu, shoe, crew, du, gue, brew, rue, pru, sioux, doo, lieu, qu, lue, ou, sue, hew, flue, hue, loo, yue, cou, pu, yu, gu, uwe, douwe, beu, chou, hou, goo, hsu, prue, whew, soo, clue, leu, vu, ooh, que, zhou, coo, flew, blew, q, shew, u, mu, mew, nu, fu, moo, you, wu, ku, chew, foo, boo, yew, joo, flu, do, pew, xue, hoo, who, poo, lew, view, strew, screw, through, dru, woo, hugh, ru, shrew, chu, pou, shoo, pugh, gnu, jew, knew, stu, zue, too, thuy, kyu, thru, queue, vue, siew, ewe, phu, grew, slew, coups, yoo, liu, zoo, zhu, kew, tue, chiu, coup, two, jue, ju, glue, lou, thew, phew, rew, hu, cue, drew, tew, blue, due, dew, stew, skew, glew, bleu, xu, spew, crewe, tu, threw, trew, shu, new, koo;
  2. renew, subdue, tatu, larue, taboo, m2, liou, miscue, outgrew, kwangju, undue, cat-2, abou, bamboo, imbue, cebu, anew, purdue, urdu, leroux, baku, canoe, revue, redo, undo, tattoo, c2, peru, ague, fitzhugh, ado, untrue, perdue, construe, withdrew, wahoo, review, ensue, adieu, reto, askew, zanu, accrue, fondue, kazoo, babu, outdo, pursue, ragu, debut, eschew, shampoo, unglue, mchugh, into;
  3. kangaroo, overdo, suu, hitherto, overdue, depardieu, katmandu, timbuktu, overthrew, iou, misconstrue, isu, byu;
  4. hullabaloo, kalamazoo;
  5. dfw;

What are the translations for Pooh?

Chinese words for Pooh

PAH, 维尼.

Dutch word for Pooh


French word for Pooh


Hindi word for Pooh


Italian word for Pooh


Japanese word for Pooh


Korean word for Pooh


Marathi word for Pooh


Polish word for Pooh


Spanish word for Pooh


Vietnamese word for Pooh

tỏ vẻ.