How To Spell poor?

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What does the abbreviation poor mean?

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What are the usage examples for poor?

  1. How Poor Robin served one of his Companions a Slovenous Trick.

What are the rhymes for poor?

  1. pure, your, sure, impure, manure, cure, endure, lure, spoor, secure, moor, detour, tour, you're, demure, moore, ur, buhr, ruhr, insure, procure, unsure, muir, gilmour, uhr, mature, lumpur, obscure, boor, inure, ensure;
  2. allure, bonjour, couture, brochure, assure, baldur;
  3. immature, reinsure, premature, reassure;
  4. entrepreneur;

What are the translations for poor?

Afrikaans word for Poor


Arabic word for Poor


Chinese words for Poor

穷, 穷人, 受穷, 贫寒, 贫穷的.

Dutch words for Poor

slecht, verkeerd, zwak, ellendig, matig, armen, fakir, schamel, armoedig, schraal, armzalig, gebrekkig, pover, behoeftig.

French words for Poor

médiocre, maigre, insuffisant, pauvre, mauvais, mauvaise, pauvres, fragile, défavorisés, déficiente, défavorisée.

German words for Poor

billig, gering, mager, schlecht, arm, mangelhaft, geringwertig, mau, armselig, notdürftig, Faible, miserabel.

Greek word for Poor


Italian word for Poor


Japanese words for Poor

貧しい, 貧困, 悪い, プアー, お粗末, しがない, プア, ともしい, 可哀相, 無徳, プーア, けち, 拙, 可哀そう, 可哀, 惡るい, 芳しくない, ひんこん, 貧棒, ひんじゃく, 御粗末, まずしい, おそまつ, 微か, むとく, 惡い, 貧之, 御寒い, へた, ぴいぴい, おさむい.

Malay word for Poor


Norwegian word for Poor


Polish words for Poor

niewielki, ubogi, kiepski, biedny.

Portuguese words for Poor

reduzido, baixa, baixo, fraco, pobres, escassa, ruim, escassos, carentes, pouca, precárias, precária, medíocres, medíocre, desfavoráveis, precário, insatisfatório, carenciada, débil, desfavorecido, carenciado.

Russian words for Poor

бедный, плохой, слабый, скудный.

Spanish words for Poor

malo, escaso, inferior, deficiente, pobre, empobrecido, insuficiente, necesitado, indigente.