How To Spell portion?

Correct spelling: portion

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What is the definition of portion?

  1. A part, division, or share; part of an estate given to a child or an heir; a wife's fortune.

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What are the rhymes for portion?

  1. contortion, abortion, apportion, proportion, distortion, extortion;

What are the translations for portion?

Dutch word for Portion


French words for Portion

section, fraction.

German words for Portion

Menge, Teil, Abschnitt, Portion, Part, Partie, Segment, Ration, Proportion, Betreffnis, Tranche.

Greek word for Portion


Hindi word for Portion


Italian word for Portion


Japanese words for Portion

ポーション, 一部分, まえ, 取り代, 部分領域, ぶぶんりょういき, 取代, とりしろ, 片鱗.

Javanese word for Portion


Malay word for Portion


Polish word for Portion


Russian words for Portion

порция, приданое.

Spanish words for Portion

parte, porcentaje, tramo, pedazo, trozo, fragmento, segmento, del.

Tamil word for Portion


Turkish word for Portion


Ukrainian word for Portion