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How To Spell pose?

Correct spelling: pose

List of misspellings for pose:

  • poisen,
  • pover,
  • pok'e,
  • porce,
  • spoce,
  • poduce,
  • poss,
  • poost,
  • youse,
  • paisey,
  • possibe,
  • supouse,
  • hpoes,
  • pirpose,
  • poiicy,
  • sapouse,
  • porpuse,
  • posuer,
  • sppose,
  • soupose,
  • piost,
  • peasce,
  • porshyz,
  • gose,
  • pussey,
  • porshe,
  • rsoe,
  • poose,
  • posibe,
  • powre,
  • sppouse,
  • poess,
  • perseu,
  • opsoe,
  • pahase,
  • possale,
  • opose,
  • prsue,
  • plise,
  • posser,
  • episoe,
  • posie,
  • pole,
  • sopose,
  • proise,
  • pos,
  • proce,
  • pysche,
  • hpuse,
  • coposer,
  • pusre,
  • paese,
  • piese,
  • posied,
  • possee,
  • pooer,
  • pise,
  • spuse,
  • poesss,
  • poves,
  • psoter,
  • peooe,
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  • peise,
  • xpoies,
  • posole,
  • peease,
  • puser,
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  • posr,
  • pooem,
  • pasive,
  • sippose,
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  • popose,
  • poe's,
  • koser,
  • porscehe,
  • purce,
  • passe,
  • pirze,
  • persue,
  • pizze,
  • oppse,
  • posese,
  • piesce,
  • pizzey,
  • prosse,
  • porshce,
  • foose,
  • piice,
  • pussie,
  • apese,
  • posta,
  • pasce,
  • porve,
  • prowse,
  • ciose,
  • poske,
  • pomise.

What does the abbreviation pose mean?

Related words for pose


Martín Pose


Argentine professional golfer

Martin Pose was an Argentine professional golfer. Pose was born in Mar del Plata. He turned professional in 1930, and competed in Europe in 1939 and 1956; and on the PGA Tour in 1940 and 1948.

Tante Pose


1940 film

Tante Pose is a 1940 Norwegian film, directed by Leif Sinding, based on the book by Norwegian author Gabriel Scott. It stars a memorable Henny Skjønberg in the title role.

Vanessa Pose


Venezuelan actress

Vanessa Pose- Romero is a Venezuelan actress best known for her role as Elisa Altamira in the telenovela ¿Dónde Está Elisa? And Vicky Hutton Miller in the telenovela Aurora

Waldemar Pose

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Quotes for pose:

  1. Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?
  2. If the conditions were right there could be great acceptance. Often it is only when they pose an economic or political threat that it turns really ugly.
  3. Once Playboy came to me, all the preachers ran. I needed to pose in Playboy to make money.
  4. I beg of you... never assume an inner or an outer pose, never a disguise.
  5. The function of a genius is not to give new answers, but to pose new questions which time and mediocrity can resolve.

Rhymes for pose:

  1. slows, noes, toes, woes, those, nose, pows, lowes, jos, ohs, hose, glows, bowes, rose, bose, knows, sews, snows, rows, grows, lows, doze, chose, blows, clothes, boes, vose, owes, pros, shows, boase, crose, foes, bows, froze, ose, close, moes, tows, ngos, roes, cose, beaus, prose, o's, gose, joes, flows, lo's, rohs, crows, sows, mose, goes, throws, hoes, throes, brose;
  2. foreclose, repose, depose, tarots, arose, oppose, transpose, dispose, dubose, disclose, compose, plainclothes, stavros, forgoes, bestows, suppose, enclose, expose, impose, propose;
  3. juxtapose, decompose, reimpose, predispose, presuppose, interpose;
  4. overexpose, superimpose;

Translations for pose:

Afrikaans word for Pose


Bengali word for Pose


Chinese word for Pose

造成 >.

Dutch words for Pose

vormen, poseren, houding.

French words for Pose

poser, pune.

German words for Pose

stellen, Haltung, darstellen, aufstellen, Formular, formulieren, vortragen, aufwerfen, posieren, Modell stehen, Pose, Modell sitzen, sich in Positur werfen, eine Haltung einnehmen.

Greek word for Pose


Hindi word for Pose


Italian words for Pose

posa, porre.

Japanese words for Pose

構え, すかす, 見得を切る, みえをきる, もたらす.

Korean word for Pose

> 야기하다.

Malay word for Pose


Marathi word for Pose

ठरू नका.

Norwegian word for Pose


Portuguese word for Pose


Russian word for Pose


Spanish words for Pose

presentar, someter, provocar, colocar, significar, implicar, plantear, representar, suponer, constituir, posar, hacerse pasar, postura, encerrar.

Turkish word for Pose


Ukrainian word for Pose