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What are the rhymes for pose?

  1. slows, noes, toes, woes, those, nose, pows, lowes, jos, ohs, hose, glows, bowes, rose, bose, knows, sews, snows, rows, grows, lows, doze, chose, blows, clothes, boes, vose, owes, pros, shows, boase, crose, foes, bows, froze, ose, close, moes, tows, ngos, roes, cose, beaus, prose, o's, gose, joes, flows, lo's, rohs, crows, sows, mose, goes, throws, hoes, throes, brose;
  2. foreclose, repose, depose, tarots, arose, oppose, transpose, dispose, dubose, disclose, compose, plainclothes, stavros, forgoes, bestows, suppose, enclose, expose, impose, propose;
  3. juxtapose, decompose, reimpose, predispose, presuppose, interpose;
  4. overexpose, superimpose;

What are the translations for pose?

Afrikaans word for Pose


Bengali word for Pose


Chinese word for Pose

造成 >.

Dutch words for Pose

vormen, poseren, houding.

French words for Pose

poser, pune.

German words for Pose

stellen, Haltung, darstellen, aufstellen, Formular, formulieren, vortragen, aufwerfen, posieren, Modell stehen, Pose, Modell sitzen, sich in Positur werfen, eine Haltung einnehmen.

Greek word for Pose


Hindi word for Pose


Italian words for Pose

posa, porre.

Japanese words for Pose

構え, すかす, 見得を切る, みえをきる, もたらす.

Korean word for Pose

> 야기하다.

Malay word for Pose


Marathi word for Pose

ठरू नका.

Norwegian word for Pose


Portuguese word for Pose


Russian word for Pose


Spanish words for Pose

presentar, someter, provocar, colocar, significar, implicar, plantear, representar, suponer, constituir, posar, hacerse pasar, postura, encerrar.

Turkish word for Pose


Ukrainian word for Pose