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How To Spell postpone?

Correct spelling: postpone

Definition of postpone:

  1. To defer to a future or later time; to put off; also, to cause to be deferred or put off; to delay; to adjourn; as, to postpone the consideration of a bill to the following day, or indefinitely.

List of misspellings for postpone:

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Quotes for postpone:

  1. Trips to the dentist- I like to postpone that kind of thing.
  2. Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.
  3. If we are all in agreement on the decision- then I propose we postpone further discussion of this matter until our next meeting to give ourselves time to develop disagreement and perhaps gain some understanding of what the decision is all about.
  4. It's just a campy blast. I just want to do as little as I can and make it good, and try not to sell out. I'm sure I will, but I'm just trying to postpone it.
  5. Indeed it is better to postpone, lest either we complete too little by hurrying, or wander too long in completing it.

Rhymes for postpone:

  1. lone, doane, hoen, sloane, drone, fone, prone, phone, shone, throne, shown, own, goen, flown, cone, boan, blown, roane, known, sharon, doan, mone, hone, zone, joan, bone, loan, tone, clone, sloan, rhone, sewn, scone, koen, sown, roan, moan, rone, grown, groan, coan, cohn, thrown, don't, jone, bowne, trone, mon, crone, stone;
  2. cyclone, condone, tyrone, dijon, disown, capone, intone, atone, bemoan, cologne, raton, tirone, ramon, hipbone, pavone, outgrown, dethrone, carone, trombone, bayonne, unknown, outshone, damone, marone, alone, ramone, malone, homegrown, simone, leone, perone;
  3. calderon, bourguignon, overgrown, overthrown, unbeknown, overblown;
  4. concepcion;

Translations for postpone:

Arabic word for Postpone


Bengali word for Postpone

মুলতবি রাখা.

Chinese words for Postpone

延期, 暂缓, 改期, 拖宕, 延宕, 从缓, 推宕, 顺延, 缓办, 缓期.

Dutch words for Postpone

uitstel, uitstellen, opschorten, verschuiven, verzetten, verdagen.

French words for Postpone

remettre, retarder, reporter, ajourner, repousser, suspendre, tarder, proroger.

German words for Postpone

verschieben, aufschieben, verlegen, hinausschieben, vertagen.

Greek word for Postpone


Italian word for Postpone


Japanese words for Postpone

先送り, 繰り延べる, 繰延べる, 後にする, くりのべる, くりさげる, 見合せる, みあわす, さきおくり, 繰下がる, 繰下げる, あとにする, 見合わす, 繰り下がる, 見合わせる, くりさがる, みあわせる, 繰り下げる.

Javanese word for Postpone


Malay word for Postpone


Marathi word for Postpone

पुढे ढकलू नका.

Norwegian word for Postpone


Polish word for Postpone


Portuguese words for Postpone

adiar, prorrogar, protelar.

Romanian word for Postpone

a amâna.

Spanish words for Postpone

retrasar, demorar, retardar, aplazar, suspender, posponer, diferir, dilatar, postponer, postergar.

Swedish word for Postpone


Tamil word for Postpone


Turkish word for Postpone


Ukrainian word for Postpone