How To Spell potpourri?

Correct spelling: potpourri

What are the misspellings for potpourri?

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What are the usage examples for potpourri?

  1. Here was a tail, there a leg; here an ear, there a nose- oh, it was a rare potpourri I can tell you! – Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions by Slason Thompson
  2. The house seemed a palace of gold on this wonderful September morning; the light came in floods through the great windows at the head of the stairs, and shafts of golden light struck the walls and the china potpourri bowls and flashed wonderful colours out of a great Venetian vase that stood by the hall door. – The Wooden Horse by Hugh Walpole

What are the rhymes for potpourri?

  1. goatee, apc, honoree, chablis, ot, cyb, lee, tyree, he, detainee, fee, ki, marquee, ab, tv, tee, shri, see, jaycee, jubilee, c3, kyi, ski, ti, gutsy, rosalee, cree, pattee, fsi, glee, cat-3, enlistee, syp, lessee, smee, quay, debris, conferee, oad, bt, nghi, m3, ged, ib, ne, banshee, oversea, zee, gyi, ze, lxi, re, she, mit, hee, sci, xi, nee, appointee, sie, bui, ip, chea, franchisee, fop, khe, ofc, rea, dea, yangtze, ji, jie, key, te, louie, rb, free, marquis, resignee, leigh, enrollee, referee, magee, tennessee, mt, atp, retiree, cxc, flee, qui, klee, valoree, dundee, draftee, spree, ree, ravi, emcee, pri, we, mcgee, kee, sri, eap, ranee, internee, rupee, pea, deportee, trustee, nestle, kea, bea, ve, tea, zea, trainee, nic, nie, dee, yie, cac, ee, licensee, c, d, v, mme, escapee, xie, qi, devotee, repartee, designee, z, cod, mpg, fi, dsv, be, me, cc, vi, yee, id, thi, chee, markee, marie, jessee, nominee, g, musee, spie, bee, andree, shi, tse, rosemarie, prix, plea, ghee, undersea, mea, tree, mc, mcghee, snee, dupree, inductee, crea, lavie, cie, je, sep, waikiki, lp, tenn, vendee, yippee, ddt, guaranty, whoopee, lea, guarani, gee, quai, bourgeoisie, yi, parolee, decree, degree, bibi, cd, sightsee, li, sea, si, bbc, de, disagree, mi, wee, curie, thierry, henri, p, knee, slee, foresee, nabil, odp, t, thee, njt, three, pree, lsd, sheree, pawnee, brie, se, sze, ye, indri, brea, mee, loree, b, guarantee, flea, bree, vee, blea, capri, jee, the, esprit;
  2. albee, alee, ac, adee, agree, achee, abee;
  3. adoptee, amputee, absentee, abt, addressee, amc, adoree;
  4. irit, geac, hnat, knbc, lapd, interviewee;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for potpourri?

Arabic word for Potpourri


Bengali word for Potpourri


Chinese word for Potpourri


Dutch word for Potpourri


Greek word for Potpourri

ποτ πουρί.

Hindi word for Potpourri

शुष्क अतर.

Japanese word for Potpourri


Korean word for Potpourri


Romanian word for Potpourri


Swedish word for Potpourri


Tamil word for Potpourri

உதிர்ந்த கதம்பச் சொற்கள்.

Turkish word for Potpourri


Vietnamese word for Potpourri

nồi lẩu thập cẩm.