How To Spell Poured?

Correct spelling: Poured

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What are the usage examples for Poured?

  1. In case the former is used the dose to be given may be first measured off, poured into the bottle, and the point marked on the outside with a file, so that subsequent doses may be measured in the bottle itself. – Special Report on Diseases of Cattle by U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler
  2. The blood poured over my face. – To-morrow? by Victoria Cross
  3. " Whenever you like, Francie," said he, carelessly; he poured the money into his pocket again and bade Maurice Mangan come up to his room, to get the dust of travel removed from his hands and face before going in to luncheon. – Prince Fortunatus by William Black

What are the rhymes for Poured?

  1. restored, pored, implored, floored, outscored, ward, sword, reward, oared, reboard, verwoerd, forde, ignored, cored, horde, roared, warred, chord, snored, nord, cord, scored, ord, lord, fjord, gourd, soard, explored, board, ford, stored, shored, deplored, record, mord, hoard, gored, warde, toward, bored, soared;
  2. aboard, accord, afford, adored, award, acord, abhorred;
  3. prerecord, untoward, underscored, unexplored;

What are the translations for Poured?

German words for Poured

gegossen, eingeschenkt, geschüttet, gequollen.