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How To Spell practical?

Correct spelling: practical

Definition of practical:

  1. having or put to a practical purpose or use; "practical mathematics"; "practical applications of calculus"

List of misspellings for practical:

  • crictical,
  • parmacutical,
  • prictal,
  • prticular,
  • practicaly,
  • practally,
  • pracitcality,
  • practicial,
  • practic,
  • practicle,
  • practually,
  • proticall,
  • practial,
  • practiculy,
  • polictical,
  • practil,
  • pracitcal,
  • prcatical,
  • prctical,
  • pharacutical,
  • practicly,
  • proactivily,
  • sporactically,
  • pharmacuitical,
  • proctocol,
  • procudural,
  • practica,
  • praticle,
  • pharmacudical,
  • prohylaticly,
  • pratical,
  • pracitical,
  • praticall,
  • protacal,
  • pharmecudical,
  • practiacally,
  • pharmacutecal,
  • proticular,
  • francticly,
  • practicve,
  • prictical,
  • dracticly,
  • pharmecutical,
  • praticaly,
  • practual,
  • profalactically,
  • protocal,
  • practicng,
  • practicel,
  • prejuditial,
  • preactical,
  • prioxicam,
  • parituclar,
  • prtactical,
  • paractical,
  • practicually,
  • pricnipal,
  • practicible,
  • practicallly,
  • praktic,
  • pharacuetical,
  • practicular,
  • pharecutical,
  • practicalty,
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  • practively,
  • practaly,
  • prtocol,
  • proacticve,
  • prodical,
  • practily,
  • erractically,
  • praktical,
  • prtugal,
  • practecly,
  • pharmcutical,
  • practiable,
  • practiacal,
  • practacle,
  • prtocaol,
  • protacall,
  • paritcula,
  • practicily,
  • paritucular,
  • pracitcally,
  • practicla,
  • protecal,
  • practicalluy,
  • practicall,
  • prctaicum,
  • practicner,
  • practict,
  • policatical,
  • practcally,
  • practacally,
  • practacly,
  • practal,
  • proactical,
  • pariticular,
  • paracticum.

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A Practical Guide to Racism


Book by Sam Means

A Practical Guide to Racism is a 2007 humorous satirical book written by Sam Means under the pseudonym C.H. Dalton. The book is similar to the Douglas Sutherland book The English Gentleman, in that it is constructed as a "guide" to the behaviors of various social groups built entirely out of stereotypes associated with said groups.

China Practical Shooting Association


China Practical Shooting Association is the Mainland China region for practical shooting under the International Practical Shooting Confederation.

Daymar College


College in Owensboro, Kentucky

Daymar College is a for-profit college based in Owensboro, Kentucky, United States. Founded in 1963 and operated as Owensboro Business College until 2001, Daymar College offers more than 35 career tracks in 22 different academic programs.

Practical Chinese Reader



The Practical Chinese Reader is a two-volume series of Chinese language teaching books developed to teach non-Chinese speakers to speak Chinese, first published in 1981.

Practical Yolk


1966 film

Practical Yolk is a Woody Woodpecker cartoon that was released in theaters on May 1, 1966. After this cartoon, Ms. Meany wouldn't be seen in new material until her cameo in 1969's Prehistoric Super Salesman. The cartoon was directed by Paul J.

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Quotes for practical:

  1. Systematic philosophical and practical anti -intellectualism such as we are witnessing appears to be something truly novel in the history of human culture.
  2. The ultimate creative capacity of the brain may be, for all practical purposes, infinite.
  3. Practical prayer is harder on the soles of your shoes than on the knees of your trousers.
  4. True education is concerned not only with practical goals but also with values. Our aims assure us of our material life, our values make possible our spiritual life.
  5. I have written about 10 books, all just practical encouragement for moms.

Rhymes for practical:

  1. impractical;

Translations for practical:

Afrikaans word for Practical


Arabic word for Practical


Bengali word for Practical


Chinese words for Practical

实务, 切实, 丽实, 切合实际.

Dutch words for Practical

bruikbaar, doelmatig, handig, nuttig, uitvoerbaar, zinnig, hanteerbaar, functioneel, daadgericht.

French words for Practical

utile, pratiques, pratique, concret, fonctionnel, faisable, possible, concrètes, commode, pragmatique.

German words for Practical

geeignet, sinnvoll, erfahren, praktikabel, brauchbar, praktisch, angewandt, pragmatisch, praxisnah, anwendungsorientiert.

Greek word for Practical


Japanese words for Practical

実践的, 実用的, 実際的, 技術的, プラクティカル, 現実性, 即物的, そくぶつてき, ぎじゅつてき, じつようてき, げんじつせい, ちにあしのついた, 地に足の着いた, 事務的, じむてき, じっさいてき, じっせんてき, 実際的な.

Javanese word for Practical


Korean word for Practical


Malay word for Practical


Polish word for Practical


Portuguese word for Practical


Romanian word for Practical


Russian words for Practical

практический, практичный, конструктивный, прозаический.

Swedish word for Practical


Turkish word for Practical