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Correct spelling: Praised

Common misspellings for Praised:

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Quotes for Praised:

  1. God was treated like this powerful, erratic, rather punitive father who has to be pacified and praised. You know, flattered.
  2. To the house of a friend if you're pleased to retire, You must all things admit, you must all things admire; You must pay with observance the price of your treat, You must eat what is praised, and must praise what you eat.
  3. It is nasty. You can think that you know someone in this business and you really don't. You can be stabbed in the back very easily. You can be praised very easily. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do.
  4. Many people when they fall in love look for a little haven of refuge from the world, where they can be sure of being admired when they are not admirable, and praised when they are not praiseworthy.
  5. It is great happiness to be praised of them who are most praiseworthy.